Suspensions for All-Star Games and Why It Should Apply to All Four Big Sports

Michael MulraneyCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

Yes, the NHL executives are getting the call right here. Skip the All-Star festivities get suspended a game. That's what is happening to Nicklas Lidstrom and Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings. They're skipping the festivities and will be suspended for the first game immediately following the game.

The NHL and Gary Bettman has this exactly right. Wow, that's a sentence I didn't think I'd say, post-strike. Every big sport should take notice of this rule and institute this immediately.

The NFL's Pro Bowl has so many people ditch a Hawaii vacation that it's sickening.  The fans vote your over paid backsides into this game. I don't wanna hear people don't care about the Pro Bowl.

Would you care more if the best took time to show up? The Pro Bowl is rough touch football. It won't kill you to go to Hawaii soak up the sun and play in the game that we want to see you in. 

To the ditchers like Brett Favre, stop letting people play in your spot the NFL by not making this a rule is making everyone an All-Star. When President Obama said, "Spread the Wealth" he didn't mean All-Star nods. Don't go to Hawaii? One game suspension for betraying the fans and not holding up your end of the deal.

Now, MLB the Mid-Summer Classic usually drives Manny to vacation. I want Manny there. He's hilarious. Also pitchers stop your crying and throw in the game one inning isn't going to kill you. We paid to watch you and we want you there.

If you pull a Manny and go on vacation one game suspension. You're getting guaranteed money you can sit the bench and hang out with the best in the sport and play one defensive series tip your cap and sit down. 

So Bud, suspend big leaguers who ditch the Classic. We vote so if this game truly counts make them come.

The NBA All-Star game seems to get the biggest names that were called on by the fans. We can't suspend people for not going through the dunk contest, but make them come. It's not like they don't already do. Threaten with a suspension they go anyway at least you have a fall back. 

So the NHL is ahead of the curve here.  The players request you go to their game and play it as you would any other. The Pro Bowl is a joke without the biggest names. MLB has people going on vacation. The NBA has the most desirable game but should have the rule anyway as a deterrent to skipping the game.

We pay their salaries, we vote to see them, so make them play' it's their responsibility.