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Friar BlogContributor IJanuary 21, 2009 has announced a new feature called the “Experience Tracker

The initial version doesn’t do much in the way of complex analysis, it just shows how teams rank among “average class year per minute”. Essentially, I take each player and multiply their minutes played with their class year (Freshmen = 1, Sophomores = 2, Juniors = 3, Seniors = 4). Averaging this out over a team creates a single number that is the average class year per minute played. A number close to 4 indicates that juniors and seniors play a lot whereas a number close to 1 indicates freshmen and sophomores play a lot. I also show some comparisons with average class year per minute and winning percentage.

The result? Across the NCAA, it doesn’t look like “experience” matters a whole lot when you look at a really high level (look at the scatter plot at the bottom of the Experience Tracker page)

According to these calculations, Providence is the 4th most experienced team in the nation, and first in the BIG EAST.

Here is a chart comparing all BIG EAST teams.

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For an even more in depth look at the numbers, check out the Experience Tracker main page for a scatter plot of EVERY team graphed by winning percentage and experience.