How Long Will Brian France Run NASCAR?

Charlie TurnerSenior Writer IJanuary 23, 2009

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I just read something disturbing from my friend the Diecast Dude. It’s raining in California.

Well make it stop! There’s a race out there tonight in at Irwindale Speedway and I need it to run as scheduled.

I’m not sure my rather shaky well-being can take a weather delay in THE FIRST RACE OF THE YEAR! Let it rain in Florida tomorrow, or all weekend. Those sporty car guys will drive in anything, and I kind of like watching road racing in the rain.

But that’s just me.

The best thing I’ve read this week about the state of the Kingdom of France was Fox Sports’ Lee Spencer’s piece about the five questions that NASCAR fans deserve to have answered by the sports’ royalty. Here’s a favorite part…

“With chairman Brian France up top, the person steering the ship should have every bit as much passion for running the sport as the people who spend their hard-earned money to sit in the stands every weekend.

Unlike his father and grandfather, Brian France just doesn’t fit that bill. No time was it more evident than when he stated last December that he “will not have a 30-year run like my father for a variety of reasons.”

“Somebody has got to stand up and take charge, somebody who can rally the troops and infuse enthusiasm to fans. That person is currently not in charge of NASCAR.”

The Catfish Show has a piece on the driver he thinks will be Nationwide Series Rookie of the Year. I like Matt’s choice, but I’ll take Justin Allgaier, who just got full season sponsorship for his Penske ride.

Steve has been talking (or is it squawking) a lot about the potential for a resurgence of the start-and-parkers of some years back. The NASCAR Insiders have a great article on that too…

And the high priestess of Church of the Great Oval has begun her annual astrological projections of NASCAR’s best, starting with Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson.

Now stop the rain. I wanna watch a real race tonight.


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