Jerry Sloan the Most Overrated Coach in the NBA

Diana AllenCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

Jerry Sloan has never won COY. That is a travesty. There have been years that he deserved it, probably the second year that he took the Jazz to the finals and the year after Stockton and Malone left and he managed to get a team with no stars on it to a .500 record. 

In the 2008-2009 season the Utah Jazz have  lost over 118 games to injury and still have a respectable 25-18 record, nothing to shout about but nothing to jeer about either. The Jazz have not had their starting lineup play at all together yet this season. There are not many teams in the NBA that could have a record above .500 with as many injuries to significant players as the Jazz have suffered.

The Jazz have a great system in place and many claim that you can pretty much play any hard working player into the system who has some talent and victories will prevail. Jerry is very loyal to his system and has seen success for the past 20 years because of it.

Jerry, however, is not that great of an in-game coach. Jerry has a hard time making changes throughout the flow of a ball game. How many times have Jazz fans seen no-name players go off to have career highs against their team, it's because Jerry doesn't know how to change his game plan once the game has started. 

The road the road oh the woes of the Jazz on the road. One of two teams in the Western Conference Playoff Standings to have a losing record on the road. To put in perspective how horrible the Jazz are on the road, the Minnesota Timberwolves have the same amount of road victories as the Jazz at eight!

How can a team who plays near perfection at home play so horrifically on the road? Have the players changed? Have the plays changed?  Nothing changes except the venue. It is the coach's responsibility to motivate his team on the road.  In the beginning of the season the Jazz started OK on the road at one point they were even 7-7 which wasn't bad considering all the injuries however the Jazz hit a funk and lost seven of eight on the road. 

In the beginning of the season Jerry Sloan was very active on the bench when the Jazz played on the road. At a game in Memphis  in Novemeber the Jazz were struggling but Jerry was on the sideline willing his team to victory, calling out plays, getting them to play defense, calling timely time-outs etc. What has happened to that passion?

The Jazz are a young team and need extra help from the coach on the road, they don't have the energy of the ESA that helps them so much to win consistently at home. 

Road losses are an embarrassment but so are the lapses of inept play that the Jazz show night in and night out. Why would Jerry Sloan keep going with a line up of Knight, Harpring, Korver, Koufous and AK when it clearly isn't producing. How many teams make runs on the Jazz at the beginning of the second quarter when that line up is in.

The Jazz went from having a 12-point lead to having Dallas tie it up when that particular line up was in the game.  Minnesota went on a run and closed the gap when that line up was on the floor. Please Jerry switch things up. You don't always have to play your pet players.  Once again showing that Jerry can't switch things up during the game.

Jerry is a great coach who will always put a good product on the floor but he will never be able to reach that next level of winning a championship.  Jerry doesn't learn from his mistakes and when he does he changes things for maybe a few games when he absolutely has to but then goes back to rigid substitutions, not calling time outs and not motivating his players on the road.