Lowe Point For Southampton

Steven WoodgateCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

Hurry, hurry, everything must go.

The players, the coaches, the board, the chefs, the stewards, the car park attendants, the groundsmen, the sweepers, the kids, the balls, the kits, the training ground, the reverses, the specialist academy—all of it must go.

Southampton Football Club are in dire straits and the recent resignation of Head Coach Jan Poortvliet has certainly helped their cause for playing League One football.

Stability is everything and continuity is pinnacle. The Dutchman’s departure came as no surprise in this trigger-happy age but that fact he walked is bemusing. It’s properly a matter of jumping before initially being pushed.

He took over from Nigel Pearson in the summer, and was introduced by idiotic chairman Rupert Lowe, as a new wave of continental coaching that would use the excellent academy that Southampton can boost, to fast-track these youngsters into the first team.

To an extent Poortvliet did that, no big fancy or experienced loan players were brought in, he used the youth and still managed some notable performances. Two particular games against high flying Reading were the high points where the Royals were completely outplayed.

However, the solitary win at home, a 2-0 win over Norwich City, is the only highlight at St Mary’s this season.

The club lie second from bottom and will have a difficult task on their hands. Financially, they make the British economy look secure, administration is a certainty and they are at the point of no return.

Any decent player will be sold instantly in an attempt to balance books, the likes of Andrew Surman, Adam Lallana, and David McGoldrick will be flying out the door without a choice.

Hurry, Hurry, everything must go.

Michael Wilde and Lowe will have their work cut out; they will feel the full brunt of Saints fans as the protest is proposed to be before the next home game against Swansea City. These fans have every right to be disgruntled and the incompetent running can only infuriate the club.

In a silly step, they have installed Poortlviet assistant Mark Wotte as the man to save them for the doldrums of League One.

Fair enough, cut costing measures are in place but they need a proper manager, with a proper know how to save them from this mess.