WWE Monday Night Raw: Top 5 Reasons Not to Read Spoilers for Tonight

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterApril 16, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw: Top 5 Reasons Not to Read Spoilers for Tonight

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    WWE Monday Night Raw will air tonight at its normal time slot on its normal channel. However, it will be a rare taped episode. Being from London, that would make the most sense.

    I believe the last taped Raw show was in Mexico last October. Just like last year, I will not be reading spoilers for tonight's show. Also, I encourage other fans to do the same.

    Here are five good reasons why.

5. Debuts?

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    It is only a matter of time before Damien Sandow shows up live on Raw or SmackDown. We have seen the videos, and we all know it is coming.

    The same can be said for a few other FCW talents that fans are just dying to see on WWE TV. I think most know their names...

    With that being said, why ruin the big moment? Why read it and go, "Oh cool, they are on the main stage now!"

    This could be a huge, huge moment in their careers. I know I would rather watch Raw without knowing about it beforehand.

4. Schedule

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    Wouldn't it just feel strange to watch Raw while knowing the spoilers?

    I understand some do so for SmackDown. I also get it if people are out of the house or have no DVR to use—that is fine.

    However, why read the spoilers and then go watch it as you do every Monday night, anyway?

3. Ratings

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    WWE Raw would love to get its television ratings up.

    That is no secret. Everybody understands that.

    Thus, it would be counterproductive for fans to read the spoilers and avoid the show. Again, if you have to read them because you won't be available, go ahead!

    However, nobody can turn around Tuesday afternoon and complain about a low rating if you skipped the show due to spoilers. It is very hypocritical.

    It is the same deal with PPV buy rates. People illegally stream the shows and then turn around and wonder why the buys are down.

2. Big Week

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    If there was nothing going on, I could understand skipping Raw. Reading the spoilers would save time and allow you to miss a "pointless" show.

    However, that is not the case.

    WWE now has Brock Lesnar back! Yes, the man is back in the company. (I would be shocked if he appeared live in London, though.) Two weeks later, fans are going to already stop caring?

    Tonight, CM Punk is defending his WWE Championship against Mark Henry in a no-count out, no-disqualifications match. I doubt the title changes, but these two work well together.

    If fans want to "prove" Punk is a ratings draw, I'd love to see them support him on top of the card. His reign has yet to produce any sort of "proof" that he can maintain television numbers.

    With Extreme Rules in less than two weeks, this is a big week for WWE. Spoilers or not, I know I will be watching "live" Monday night.

1. Why?

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    Honestly, I just never understood the action of reading spoilers.

    Did you read about the ending to Inception before seeing it?

    Do people read the final page of a book, then read through it all from the start?

    Are fans digging for spoilers for the next Dark Knight film?

    What about the big Desperate Housewives series finale next month?

    It just makes zero sense to me.

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