Can Jeff Hardy Hold Off Edge at the Royal Rumble?

julie ashedContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

This coming Sunday at the Royal Rumble, Jeff hardy will be defending his WWE championship for the first time against former champ Edge.

Jeff and Edge have had a lot of history: the TLC matches, ladder matches, being the best of friends, and traveling on the road together...until Edge and Lita, Matt Hardy's girlfriend and Jeff's close friend had been seeing each other behind Matt's back.

This sparked an feud between the Hardyz and Edge; they have never been the same since.

This also caused Matt to be fired from the WWE back in 2005, as the locker room couldn't be shared by the two superstars.

This must be playing on Jeff's mind, not to mention all the accidents Jeff has had these last couple of months, before and since he won the WWE title.

All fingers are pointing at Edge, and it's not only the fans. So are the Hardyz.

Edge has argued this matter, clearly stating that he has nothing to do with Jeff's accidents and that Jeff is a screw up and his title reign is none other than a fluke and he will beat the Enigma at the Royal Rumble.

This will be one of Jeff's biggest matches in his career, and I think he will be a second Shawn Michaels.

The outcome of this match may very well have a surprising end, due to rumours of Christian returning to the WWE at the Royal Rumble. 

This could result in maybe a DQ meaning that Jeff retains his title, or that the ref doesn't see the interference, meaning Edge will win the title.

Its unknown what the future holds for Jeff and Edge at the Royal Rumble, but Jeff Hardy is one of the most unique wrestlers in the WWE. It's great to see Jeff finally holding the WWE championship, and long may it last, because you're not going to find a more unique champion anywhere else.

The WWE needs someone like Jeff Hardy.