The "Tijuana Tornado" Antonio Margarito Vs. "Sugar" Shane Mosley

Daniel MarksContributor IJanuary 23, 2009


For the converted Welt-Weight Crown, an "LA Body Banger", not to be confused with the local gang scene, although I expect plenty of black and blue marks, no pun intended.

If you are a fan of vicious body assaults, then get ready for this one because both of these guys let loose with a vengeance of renegade body shots, that's sure to put an a quiver in your liver, rattle your teeth, and send chills down your spine.

Bone crunching blows, which disembowel and discombobulate you, oh! I'm so elated. 
Although not a fight for the ages, it promises to be an entertaining fight, nonetheless.  At first glance (I'm thinking Gatti\Ward IV) as we see two fighters with contrasting styles, with The Tijuana Tornado so named for his pressure cooker body attacks, I called this the crock-pot effect, the longer the fight goes, the more meat to fall off the bones of his opponent's.

And the sweet one, Sugar Shane, is not the flamboyant type, 'cause Shane won't give an inch, firing right back at you blow for blow toe to toe. In Shane, Margarito will face another speed counter puncher the likes of Paul Williams who gave Margarito fits all-night long in their bout, which Margarito lost on a close decision.   

The Keys to victory for both men can very well come down to who can endure with his bladder intact, not to mention kidneys, ribs, shoulders etc...A delectable fight barbecue with a smattering, splash of mambo sauce (spicy). 

Shane's age is factor as he is seven-years senior to Margarito, but with the age difference also comes fight experience for Shane, as he plays the chief to the pressure cooker.

However, Margarito does enjoy a height and reach advantage which can pose a problem for the Sugar man who himself is not much taller that Cotto who Margarito destroyed in 11 rounds of body attrition. Both fighters are battle tested; with Shane showing some wear for the tear in his last two fights which he went 1-n-1.

A split decision lost to Miguel Cotto, a fight that Shane should have won if it were not for his lethargic start giving up the early rounds, while Cotto survived the late round onslaught by switching to a boxer (instead of his usual brawling style) in holding off the Sugar storm.

And in another reluctant battle, he finished off the trash talking "Matador" Ricardo Mayorga with a stunning 12-round KO, a close fight that many seen slipping away from Shane. Still, the Sugar put up game performances in both bouts so there is no doubt he'll show up for this one.

I see Margarito throwing caution to the wind, as he must press the older man into exchanges against the ropes pounding him relentlessly, and with reckless abandon if he hopes to deter the Sugar man who is seeking redemption (a return to his former greatness) as he attempts to draw the "pretty boy" out of retirement.

For Shane to win he will have to cut out a page from the book of Paul Williams and box (stick and move Shane, stick and move).

But nobody wants to see that still Shane's speed and ability to end every exchange with a combination can prove, and should be too much for Margarito. So prepare your condiments for this finger-licking, down-to-the-last-bone-crunching good, spectacle of a fight, affectionately known as a barbecue LA style.