College Basketball Has an Excessive Celebration Problem

Arthur GastonContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

We either love it or we hate it.

How many times have we seen college football give penalties for excessive celebration after a touchdown, or for taunting?

How come college basketball doesn’t have these same rules?

I can understand running on the court celebrating after a game-winning shot at the buzzer.

I can see celebrating after an upset over a top-ranked team.

Do you really need to pound your chest, scream, and give chest bumps because you dunked a ball over someone?

This isn’t the NBA; they are not getting paid for being entertainers.

We all know these guys can dunk, and we all know they are athletic, but it doesn’t make you look tough at all by flexing, yelling, and staring down the guy you dunked on, or talking trash.

I really wish the NCAA would take a look at some of these actions the players are using on the court and how they are representing their schools.

For instance, Jarrett Johnson of Anderson University in South Carolina dunks over Mason Ambler from Coker College.

This dunk is playing over and over again on YouTube or ESPN.

This has to be the worst call I have ever seen. I cannot believe the referees did not call that a charge.

Jarrett Johnson goes up for a dunk, putting his right knee into Mason Ambler's shoulder.

Afterward Jarrett acts like it's the greatest dunk ever. I think he even did a lap around the court.

I'm sitting there saying, "You didn't win the game yet, it's only two points, and you got away with a charge."  

Second, of all the taunting and celebration afterwards, what really gets me is how can they not call a technical foul on the teammates for jumping around and yelling in Mason Ambler's face as he lay on the ground, wondering where the whistle was for the foul.

This is just one recent incident that has really bothered me.

This isn’t the playground; you are not on the "And One" basketball tour.

This is organized NCAA basketball, and if they are going to let this go on, they need to stop giving penalties to the football players for throwing a ball into the air after a touchdown or for excessive celebration.

Next time you watch a college basketball game, watch the players, and watch their actions.