WWE News: Losing Bella Twins Would Be Another Major Setback for Divas Division

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistApril 16, 2012

Corutesy: fanpop.com
Corutesy: fanpop.com

Just when it appeared the WWE Divas division had hit rock bottom with a constant barrage of losses by champion Beth Phoenix, news about the likely departure of Brie and Nikki Bella further damages the company's most overlooked division.

Diva-Dirt.com reports the twins have contracts that expire at month's end, and they don't plan on staying with the WWE beyond that point.

Speaking to Diva Dirt in a phone conversation, American Icon Autographs president Sean Jacoby claims that the twins’ WWE contracts are set to expire on April 30th and they won’t be re-signing. He adds that he is currently handling their post-WWE bookings including the May 19th autograph session.

If true, it's impossible to blame them. The entire division has been buried ever since Kharma left despite having several talented performers still on the roster. The fact celebrity Maria Menounos has more wins than most of them during her guest appearances says it all.

Most of the WWE Universe has come to expect lackluster Divas' booking. The division didn't have to become such a black hole of entertainment, but the company puts absolutely no effort into it. So it's no surprise nothing comes out of it.

The Bella Twins actually brought a little bit of flair to their matches but haven't been getting nearly as much air time in recent months. Moving on to other opportunities will likely provide far more long-term gains than sticking with the WWE.

Maybe their decision to leave would actually serve as a wake-up call to the creative team. It wouldn't take much to make the Divas more relevant. A couple meaningful storylines and useful builds would go a long way in making fans actually care.

Instead, every match seems to end within three minutes, and anytime it seems like a push might be occurring to turn things around, it abruptly ends.

Sure, the company can replace the Bella Twins with two developmental talents or underutilized superstars, but they won't be able to replace two of the only big names the division had.

Hopefully, Kharma will be prepared to return before long because it seems like she's the only Diva the company takes seriously. At least then it might be worth sticking around to watch what happens instead of clicking away for couple minutes.

Without the dominant Diva, the division won't be anything more than a filler used to waste some time during telecasts. Give credit to the Bella Twins for apparently figuring out they would be better off taking their talents elsewhere.

The WWE Divas division isn't a good place to hang out if you're looking for the spotlight. Hopefully, changes are on the horizon but don't hold your breath.