Wojciech Szczesny Vows to Stay at Arsenal Indefinitely

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Wojciech Szczesny Vows to Stay at Arsenal Indefinitely
Clive Mason/Getty Images
He won't let go of Arsenal.

Wojciech Szczesny won't be leaving Arsenal any time soon, at least not until the club has won some silverware.

The 21-year-old who came to limelight last season won't abandon ship, unlike other young Arsenal players who received their chance and breakthrough at Arsenal only to bail out as soon as some rich merchant approached with the promise of riches to be had at Sugarcandy Mountain, which lies just beyond the horizon.

The reader's mind will jump naturally to a certain 24-year-old who recently gave the entire band of Gooners a parting gift in the form of an appellation, to wit, the Grove is a graveyard. He has since told us all to "move on" as our obsession with him has risen to a decibel too shrill for comfort.

But no need to name names or stop there. One's mind could conjure up the image of a once dread-locked, lanky youth who now serves the enemy, and manages to smile while at it.

No. No need for names.  

Except that I must say I was struck by the story of Alexander Hleb, recalled by one of B/R's better writers, the story of a young lad that rose to grace at Arsenal only to fall mightily to the ground when that old witch—figuratively speaking, of course—that hails from that magical land, Blaugrana, approached with promises of magical exploits in store for him, deep in those purple woods.

He, of course, jumped ship, and the last that was heard of him, according to this writer, is that he now scrapes a living in that land where the winter is 10 months and the other three seasons two.

Michael Regan/Getty Images
He won't let his head be turned.

Well, Szczesny isn't going to make that kind of mistake. Listen to what he says:

I can't imagine myself in the next few years' time playing anywhere other than here. In fact, I won't move until we win something.

Recently, one of the journalists asked me whether I have bigger ambitions than playing for the third place in the Premier League with Arsenal. God, sure I have! I look at the table and realise that is our maximum this year.

It is seven years since Arsenal won something and it won't change this season. But the next one? Who knows?

I stand in front of a mirror and say to myself: "Damn, I'm interested in winning trophies only with Arsenal."

I want to be part of the team that show fans the bad times are over. I won't leave until we achieve this.


The bewitching song of the sirens that does not fail to lure our youngsters away. However, Szczesny, like Odysseus, will be steadfast. He loves trophies, too, but he is man enough to stay at Arsenal and work hard for them.

Well done, Szczesny.

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