Do You Want To Be Treated Like a Man? A Sports Question Addressed To Women!

Sherman L. McCleskyCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

I remember my greatest moment as a football player. 

It was two minutes left to go in the game, the score was tied 13-13 and we were in field goal range. The game plan was to keep running the ball up the middle and allow our kicker to try to win the game. Well, you can guess as to what happened next.

Our starting running back fumbled the ball on second down; we all rushed into the pile to retrieve it. When the scrummage ended, an exchange of blows came between my friend, Scott, who had the ball and the opposing linebacker. End the end, the referee ruled that we still had possession; we'd gone on to kick the field goal and win the game.

After the game, just out of curiosity, I'd asked Scott as to what'd he said to that guy to make him so mad. He answered, "It wasn't what I'd said; it was what I'd done"

You see, Scott was the first to jump on the ball; that linebacker was the second. Initially, Scott had control of the ball; but the linebacker was slowly taking the ball away from him. So in a effort to keep control of the ball, Scott took one hand off the ball to try to wrench one of the linebacker's hands away; that was when his hand had slipped and found its way to another set of balls...

Yeah, it appeared that this linebacker, made the unfortunate error, of not wearing a athletic supporter.

So now it became a negotiation issue; one of them had to let go off the other one's ball. After some pushing and shoving, some tugging and pulling, and some give and take, the linebacker gave up his position. Totally diplomatic, if you ask me. 

So what does story have to do with women's issues in sports? Simple. Name me a man that would grab a woman's crouch, in order to make her give up a ball? Yeah, that's what I'd thought!

As a self proclaimed political analyst, on MSNBC's message board, I'd covered the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. I'd explained to the members there that she wasn't assassinated because she was a woman; she was assassinated because she was treated in the same manner as any other MAN, that would had caused so much disturbance, within a violent region, such as Pakistan.

This is the great question that lies within male and female human relations. How can a man truly treat a woman equally? I'd answered that question along time ago in a woman named Adale.  

Adale was a real woman; she came to work with lipstick and tight clothes on. I'd often heard some words of animosity coming from the fellow female employees. But when that work clock started... Look out!

She'll monitor the off-loading of the trucks first; if she thought it was going too slow, she'll jump in and work along the line; when faced with a complex situation, she was decisive; and when it was time to give credit when credit was due, she was right on the money as to whom that credit should be given to.

But never mind this example, because in reading this, you'd already made up your mind in suggesting that my evaluation of her, may had been influenced by my wanting to have sex with her.

So now you get it. Women's rights, for men, is a complex situation, with no positive solutions.

As a man, you can support it and be wrong, you can't support it and be more wrong, and in trying to find a area of compromise, you can be known as the "Hitler" against all of woman's rights.

President Barack Obama is already getting early "tar and feather" treatment, by women's rights groups, for fielding ONLY 6 women into his cabinet! What do you want 8, 9, 10...? Show me a number that will satisfy their cause?  

Here's a food for thought. Why don't women sit down and weigh the pros and cons of being treated like a man; because being treated like a man, is what separates women from being treated as equals.

I have no intentions of putting a woman, in any position, normally ran by men, unless I'm convinced that she's prepared to get treated like a man. So, in my opinion, the question to all women, seeking equal rights, in sports as well as in life, is this...

Are you ready to get treated like a man?

Your floor...