UFC on Fuel 2 Results: Alexander Gustafsson More Dominick Cruz than Jon Jones

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIIApril 15, 2012

Photo by Ryan O'Leary/Sherdog
Photo by Ryan O'Leary/Sherdog

At UFC on Fuel 2, young light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson won his fifth-straight fight when he defeated Thiago Silva

Gustafsson, who was fighting in his home Swedish crowd, became just the third man to defeat Silva.

Gustafsson has had a similar rise to fame to current UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

Both men have defeated some of the UFC's top stars despite being under the age of 26.

Both men also have a similar build and can be dangerous in the striking and submission departments.

But while the two often get comparisons, last night Gustafsson looked more like bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz.

Gustafsson used good movement and distance to keep Silva at bay and to out-strike him.

In fact, Gustafsson rarely stopped moving throughout the fight. He was very reminiscent of how Cruz usually dances throughout his fights.

It makes sense for Gustafsson to look like Cruz, though.

After his loss to Phil Davis, Gustafsson started training with him at Alliance MMA.  

Alliance MMA is the same gym that Cruz currently calls home. 

Besides training in the same place and having similar styles, both Gustafsson and Cruz started their careers 9-0 before losing their first fight. Neither man has lost ever since. 

If Gustafsson continues to be more Cruz-like, he will soon find himself in a title fight for the UFC light heavyweight championship. 

If Gustafsson can win the title, he will have to worry less about people comparing him to a champion and more about the next rising young star being compared to him.