Chicago Bulls Must Make Most of Soft End of Schedule

Ben WittensteinContributor IIApril 15, 2012

Derrick Rose is slowly but surely shaking off the rust like a dog coming in from out of the rain. 

Coming off his worst performance of his career against the Miami Heat, Rose has been hitting the Berto Center floor this whole weekend getting himself back into MVP form. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, after resting his sore ankle, which possibly contributed to his poor play against the Heat, Rose felt good enough to practice

"Though Rose admitted to some soreness, he felt good enough for an intense workout on the Bulls' off day Friday and practiced Saturday." 

Now that Rose is healthy enough to face the Detroit Pistons, the question still remains on how well he and Rip Hamilton will play together in the last seven games before the playoffs. Because there is no doubt that in order for the Bulls to have a shot at a title, both Hamilton and Rose will have to be 100 percent AND be comfortable with each other on the court. 

What now seems to only be the luck of NBA scheduling, the Bulls start this seven game venture by facing three of the the NBA's worst teams. What better time for the Bulls to create some chemistry between Rose and Hamilton and to get Rose back in regular season form than to have three games that they can coast through?

With their next three games against the Pistons, Washington Wizards and Charlotte Bobcats, Tom Thibodeau has no better opportunity to play Rose and Hamilton together for extended amounts of time without worrying about it becoming a highly physical game, thus gradually easing Rose back into playing every night. 

With these three games serving as padding before the Heat game on April 19, the Bulls original starting lineup of Rose, Hamilton, Deng, Boozer and Noah (who have only played 12 games together) will have three solid games to get used to each other's play. 


Additionally, the Bulls three games after the Pistons, Wizards and Bobcats are against teams well over .500 (Heat, Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers). These games will give the now settled Bulls starting lineup a chance to test their skill against playoff-caliber competition. It gives them a chance to shift to a higher gear. 

After warming up for three games, the Bulls will be ready to take on tough competition, and then to end the season they will face a Cleveland Cavaliers team that's down on their luck, an easy win to build confidence for the playoffs. 

Hopefully, the upcoming three games will aid the chemistry with the Bull's starting five.

And while a potential 19 games together this season is nothing to write home about, the Bulls original starting five will have to make the best out of these next seven games.

Their championship hopes depend on it.