WWE: Are Squash Debuts Being Overused?

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IApril 16, 2012

Lord Tensai has been around for a couple of weeks and, for now, the jury is still out on whether or not he will be worth all the build up placed in his character. Whilst he seems a solid enough worker, he fails to muster any real reaction from the crowd.

Sure, he's beating up guys so badly that they can't compete, but so is Ryback on SmackDown. Then, there's Brodus Clay who just finished his stint of beating jobbers. Last year, Jinder Mahal was taking out people in quick matches. So was Cody Rhodes briefly when he started wearing the face mask.

Do you see where I'm coming from?

All these people have been involved in squash programs to get their new gimmicks over quickly. There's no issue with doing so as its a simple and easy way to let the audience know someone is a legit threat.

The problem is that its being used way too frequently.

In addition, the wrestlers I've listed have had squash programs since early 2011. Originally, one wrestler at a time was assigned the job squashing.

Currently, the WWE has two.

Even when one guy's run of easy wins was over another wouldn't appear so soon after.

How are we meant to take squash matches as seriously if they end up just making certain wrestlers look like pushovers opposed to the squash wrestler being a serious threat?

Let's not forget that, once upon a time, the series of squash matches was reserved for rather large fellows. Jinder Mahal and Cody Rhodes hardly look as if they should be running through opponents in a matter of minutes.

The market for destructive forces has become over saturated recently and the people are simply not impressed anymore.

Of course, I'm not saying that's the only issue with Tensai.

Let's face facts, his run of gimmicks have been Prince Albert (a name that is also associated with genital piercing), being in a tag team called T & A (slang for female assets), the enforcer for X-Pac's X-Factor and A-Train (a man the crowd would constantly shout "shave your back" at all the time).

I'm not doubting that Matt Bloom has the ability to pull off a successful run in WWE much like has in Japan. The problem is that WWE TV holds too much embarrassing history for him.

Don't believe me?

Watch the video I've placed in this article and see if you can still take him seriously.