Girls Team Wants To Forfeit Game It Won 100-0

Ronald ManbaumCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

On January 13th, The Covenant School of Dallas pulled off an improbable victory against The Dallas Academy, winning 100-0.

It seems the debate about running up scores has become more heated over the past few years, and some states have even suspended coaches at the high school level for doing so.  It's a strange thing though, because at times there wasn't much the winning team could do.

Once you empty your bench, you have to finish the game.  It's more insulting to the other team if you stop trying, so a blowout is going to happen from time to time.

However, good sense flew out the window for The Covenant School as they continued to press and left their starters in this girls high school basketball game well into the fourth quarter. 

I guess the shine of 100 point victory was more important than sparing the other team the humiliation of a lopsided defeat.

After a well deserved public backlash following the game, Covenant has issued statements admitting it was a shameful event, and that they would prefer to forfeit the game. 

It's a nice sentiment, but it's rather shocking that nobody had a similar thought while the game was being played.

Covenant head coach, Micah Grimes, wouldn't comment on the game, but I'm sure more than anything else he was disappointed that his team could only muster a paltry 12 points in the fourth quarter. 

After averaging almost 30 points in each of the first three quarters, the real embarrassment must have been not being able to really ratchet up the defense and win by more than 100. 

A 100 point win is nice, but I'm sure his team's inability to win by 101 or more is probably keeping him up at night.

In the end the real victim is Micah Grimes.  It's certainly not the Dallas Academy girls who were invited by Mark Cuban to attend a Mavericks game in his suite.

I can only hope Covenant is running wind sprints as I write this, so they can really tune it up if there is a rematch.