Randy Orton May Have Punted Vince McMahon's Head Off, But it Was NOT a Mistake!

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJanuary 23, 2009

This past week on RAW and huge event happened, Randy Orton took out Vince McMahon like so many before with a punt to the head. This was significant because six months ago McMahon had the pieces of the RAW stage fall on him.

And he ended up with a concussion out of it along with other injuries. McMahon was now able to return to the WWE, then Orton punted him right in the head. And you could tell he really laid into him.

Some thought Orton made a mistake when he really kicked McMahon. But he didn't, in fact both Vince and Stephanie were happy with the way in turned out. We all know it is storyline, so Vince knew it was coming.

In fact, Vince asked for the kick to the head by Orton. That is right, Vince came up with the idea. See for a long time now, Vince has said he wants wrestling to be more realistic.

We all know it is not totally real, but Vince wants to close the gap. He wants you to think twice about it. Is it real or not? And I think he did that this past week on RAW. With the ending being the way it was, many thought it was real.

Many thought Orton made the mistake of punting Vince in the head for real, when the whole time he was supposed to. I remember when Orton punted CM Punk in the head virtually costing him the World Heavyweight Championship.

If you play the footage and slow it down it is unbelievably obvious that Orton did not hit Punk in the head. Go ahead and look it up, you can tell easily. After that Orton actually punted all superstars in the head for real.

Of course he took a little off than what we saw, but it was no mistake. He meant to hit every single one of them. When he took out Triple H at Wrestlemania last year even before Punk, he actually hit Triple H in the head.

A little after he took out Punk he took out Ted Dibiase actually hitting him in the head too. He also hit Batista in the head very well.

But why did we think he made a mistake taking out the Chairman of World wrestling Entertainment Vincent Kennedy McMahon?

I think it was the fact that we didn't see it coming, we already knew Jericho would be coming out and we had time to think about what would happen. When all we saw was an apology out of him.

Once Jericho went out, Orton came in. He got in Vince's face and once we heard "Randy Orton your fiiirr..." Vince was slapped in the face, then got hit with a boot to the head by Orton. As he was getting up we saw the punt to the head.

It was like something came over Orton and it was well done by Orton and Vince. I do not know if we will see Vince back on RAW for a while. But I am sure going into the Rumble something will happen with the McMahons and Orton.

Will Orton win the Rumble so he can keep his job? Will Vince ever be back on RAW? These are questions that could be answered soon. Jim Ross said in his blog that Vince had a concussion after the show.

We all know he didn't but of course JR had to say that to keep wrestling fans sort of int he know while keeping storylines alive.

Just the common misconception I have been hearing lately has been that Orton made a mistake. Which is untrue. But it is exactly what the WWE wants you to think to. So job well done.