A Closer Look At New Mets Pitcher, Casey Fossum

Phil HoopsCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

Following the Mets trade of left-handed reliever Scott Schoeneweis, the Mets found themselves with only one southpaw reliever in Pedro Feliciano.

Rather than going out and signing a high priced pitcher, the Mets took an alternate route and signed a few veteran pitchers, who have struggled recently.

One of these pitchers is a man from Cherry Hill, NJ by the name of Casey Fossum.

Fossum, a 31-year-old relief pitcher, came up in the Boston Red Sox organization after being selected in the supplemental round in the 1999 MLB Draft.

Fossum broke into the big leagues in 2001, as a starter, and had a mediocre rookie year posting a 3-2 record with a ERA of 4.87. The stat that jumps out at me as being most poor was a K/BB ratio (strike out to ball ratio) of only 1.30.

The following year Fossum had his best season to date, in which he appeared in 43 games, as both a starter and a reliever. In 106.1 innings he went 5-4 and had an impressive 3.46 ERA.

Some of this success can be attributed to his improved K/BB ratio, which was 3.37.

However, since 2002 it has all been pretty much downhill for Fossum. He has since appeared in games for the Diamondbacks, Rays, and most recently, the Tigers.

Fossum, though, can prove to be special to the Mets for a number of reasons. First is his delivery, which is very erratic and similar to that of the current Cy Young award winner, Tim Lincecum.

While Fossum is obviously not the same pitcher Lincecum is, the delivery could help in being deceptive to those rival Phillies.

Fossum is also one of the few pitchers in baseball to throw the eephus pitch, which was made popular by former Met, Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez.

Only time will tell if Fossum can flourish into the useful reliever that the Mets are hoping him to be.