Robin Van Persie Speculation: Is He Flirting with Manchester City?

H AndelAnalyst IIIApril 14, 2012

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 12: Robin van Persie of Arsenal celebrates at the final whistle during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Newcastle United at Emirates Stadium on March 12, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Robin van Persie, Arsenal's darling striker and captain, posted the following picture on his official Twitter site Friday night that is sparking some rumors.

The great company with which Van Persie had just had sushi appears to be people with ties to Manchester City.

On a site called Goonersworld, one fan named lucifer82 posted the following:

Now, as soon I opened the link, honest to God, I instantly became drawn to the geezer in the middle. Why? Because, I believe he was a member of the Citeh delegates at the game last Sunday. I'm convinced it's him. Here's a screen grab, of said man, from last Sunday. Now, I may be be wrong, I may be bein paranoid. But, if it is him, what does that say to you? Why is our Captain havin dinner with a member of the Citeh ownership?

He (she) accompanied the post with the following image.



The man highlighted, lucifer82 avows to be part of City's delegation at their 1-0 loss at the Emirates last Sunday.

The overriding question is what Van Persie is doing with an alleged City delegate. For some, this could be damning evidence that Van Persie is considering a move to City, more so, since the man on the left is identified as Kees Vos, a football agent.

So was this a dinner where a deal for a move to City was tabled? And if so, does it mean that Van Persie is considering a move to City?

Here's what I think.

For the first question, one can only admit the probability of the situation, so long as the man in the picture indeed is a City man.

This image highlighting a person among Manchester City delegate that looks like the sushi man appears on a site called Arsenal Action Blog.

For the second, it would seem that if Robin van Persie were seriously and secretly considering a move to Manchester City, despite dropping hints last week that he might stay at Arsenal despite City's interest, he'd hardly broadcast the "secret" in broad daylight.

It seems to me that if this indeed was a business dinner in view of luring Van Persie to City, then in posting the resultant picture on Twitter for the whole world to see, Van Persie just gave an unequivocal answer to City, to wit, there'll be no secret deals.

In other words, let me expose the meeting so it can be plain to you that I'm not interested. Viewed in this light, "great company" acquires an ironic twist.

The reverse of this reading would be more probable had the picture been posted by someone other than Van Persie himself, in which case it could be qualified "a leak." It is why the question, "why would Van Persie leak his own secret dealing?" begs to be asked.

It is this very question that inclines me to dismiss the fear that this was an occasion whereon secret knots were tied. 

The tacit finger in this might be pointing to the opposite scenario, which is why I think Gooners should banish this latest fear.

Let's trust that Robin van Persie's head is right and that he'd do the right thing, remain at Arsenal and become a future legend.