Five Things I Have Learnt from Football This Week (Jan. 23)

Chris RowlandsCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

I have thought of five things to do a second week of article, in a format definitely not stolen from my favourite sports supplement, The Game!


1) Why change the away goals rule?

Burnley managed to score a goal within 90 minutes away; Tottenham didn't. Surely Burnley are the team in the final? No, another needless rule change means that Tottenham Hotspur progress.


2) Kaka cancels deal.

It worked out for the best, and Manchester City are going to lose Robinho in the summer. Improvement is 99 percent gradual, Hoffenheim being the exception. All Man City are proving is that you need more than money to have a successful team.


3) Hull need to improve, fast.

They are now showing the same form as Derby, circa a year ago. If they hadn't got 20 points in the first fifth of the season, they would be rock bottom. The fact the bottom half is tight doesn't help things.


4) Interesting table.

Very tight at the bottom, with teams such as West Brom hoping to repeat their famous escape several years ago. The top is tighter than previous years, as any one of three teams could win; and then there are Aston Villa—making it "the big five".


5) We need a winter break.

Player injuries and fatigue can be solved very easily: Either hold a winter break, which also solves the problem of postponed games; or keep the season the same length and move international fixtures to the end of the season.

In 15 years' time we will see retired players unable to move because of the damage an intense season will do to them.