Was DeAngelo Willams the Best Running Back in the NFL?

Austin ArnoldContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

Who's  the best running back for the season? Adrian Peterson, DeAngelo Williams, or Micheal Turner? Well, if this is a popularity vote Adrian Peterson would win, but it isn't, so who is it?


  Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings 

With his second Pro Bowl on the way in just two years, Adrian Peterson lead the league in rushing yards with 1760 yards. Peterson became the fifth running back to rush for 3000 yards in two seasons. He rushed for 10 100-yard games, averaging 110 yards per game. Ten TD's, but Adrian couldn't hold on to the ball he fumbled nine times.



Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons

Turner amazed everyone when he blasted on to the seem. Not only did he get 1699 he did it against eight man fronts. His power and speed earned him the second highest rushing yards with 1699, but also the second highest rushing TD's with 17 TD's.

The only thing that limited turner was his inability to catch and run with only six receptions and 70 yards, in other words when Turner is in expect the run.



DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers

You watched DeAngelo Williams throughout the season, Since you're likely a football fan. He scored more, protected the ball more, more consisting, he made more home run plays.

With 1,515 yards DeAngelo was third in league rushing, but was first in league Touchdowns with 20, last in league fumbles with zero, averaging 5.5 yards a carry. In my mind, DeAngelo Williams is the best, not only in stats, but for his team.