WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Possibly Returning to the Company from TNA?

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IApril 14, 2012

H/T: ultimatesportstalk.com
H/T: ultimatesportstalk.com

Through the years, it has been a very common scene to see former WWE superstars leave for greener pastures in a different promotion but usually make their way back to the company at some point in time.

Well, you can add current TNA star Matt Morgan to the list of former WWE superstars possibly returning to the company after being released in 2005.

In an interview on today’s edition of the PWTorch LiveCast podcast, Matt Morgan gave his opinion on returning to the WWE, as the former TNA Tag Team champion is in the final year of his five-year contract with TNA.

From WrestlingInc.com:

TNA's Matt Morgan, who wrestles Crimson on Sunday's TNA Lockdown PPV event, said on today's PWTorch Livecast that his contract with TNA is up later this year. He says he is loyal to TNA, but WWE has expressed interest in him and he could see circumstances that would lead to his going back to WWE.

While it’s ultimately up to Morgan to make the decision to stay in TNA or return to his former employer, I think it would be a great decision for the Blueprint to leave and become a star on the bigger stage of the WWE.

With Morgan growing into a great performer during his time with TNA, the WWE should make a big-time push for Morgan to return to the company, as the roster is in desperate need of some new main-event talent.

The addition of Morgan to Friday nights on Smackdown will help balance out the star power of the two shows, as Raw on Monday nights seems to have much bigger stars like John Cena and CM Punk on their program each and every week.

With becoming more of a star in his time wrestling for TNA since 2007, do you think Matt Morgan could be a top star if he left his current company and returned to the WWE, where his pro wrestling career began in 2002?


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