Kurt Angle Makes Ridiculous Claim About His Match with Jeff Hardy This Sunday

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IApril 13, 2012


From his earlier days as an Olympic champion in the 1996 games in Atlanta to throughout his time in the world of professional wrestling, the former WWE and TNA Champion Kurt Angle has almost always backed up what he said during his career.

Well, that might change after his recent interview with the Associated Press where Angle talked about pulling out of the Olympic Game trials and his match with Jeff Hardy this Sunday.

From WrestleZone.com:

But I am brave enough, and maybe I'm stupid, but I want the fans to say, 'That was the best match I saw all year.' That's hard to say when you have Triple H and Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. But Jeff Hardy and I are capable of having just as good of a match as Undertaker and Triple H."

I’m going to take a second before I continue with my article so everyone can pick their jaw off the floor after the crazy claim that Angle made about his cage match this Sunday at Lockdown.

OK, let’s continue with the article now that everyone has composed themselves after reading the quote by Angle in his interview.

Ever since leaving the WWE for TNA in 2006, Angle has been every prone to make ridiculous statements that have come back to bite him when talking about things associated with wrestling especially his time with his past run in the WWE.

With his tirades ranging from being not respected by the WWE to claiming to be better than Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels, Angle really needs to stop and think before he speaks or types onto his Twitter account.

In all honestly, Angle and Hardy will probably put on the show stealing match of the night this weekend among the matches set for Lockdown, but it will be awhile before anything touches the Hell in a Cell match from this year’s WrestleMania.

After hearing the claim by Kurt Angle on his match this Sunday, what are your opinions on whether or not the match between the Olympic Gold Medalist and Jeff Hardy can match up to Undertaker and Triple H from WrestleMania?

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