Edge of My Seat: The UFC Event Drought Is Finally over

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent IApril 13, 2012

gettyMark Kolbe/Getty Images

Something has been missing in my life, and the lives of all mixed martial arts fans, for the past month. Not since March 3rd have we had the pleasure of witnessing a UFC event.

The UFC has been growing so quickly that before this drought, people had actually been complaining about the frequency of events. Well played, UFC, we are now wet with anticipation.

Do not get me wrong, there has still been plenty of MMA action this past month. Bellator, a respectable and growing promotion, offers great action. Both American and Brazilian versions of the UFC reality show are also being made available. The problem is that we crave the big show.

Even if it is not being provided through pay-per-view, UFC events are still the ultimate destination for the highest levels of MMA action. The stars are matured and their stories are relevant and accessible. Their skills are honed to perform under the greatest of pressures.

These fighters are physical geniuses, embodying athleticism, determination, versatility, and technique.

We finally get to see that again. That performance. That gala featuring the best artists primed to unveil the next showcase in their development at the risk of their ego dramatically suffering the shortcomings of its projections.

Basically, the reason why we all started loving mixed martial arts in the first place. It does not look exactly the same, but only due to the sport’s satisfyingly swift evolution. Credit for that is distributed amongst the entire sport, but let us not allow the UFC to be shortchanged in that process. They are the best and they carry a heavy load and I am reminded of that now more than ever.

When the UFC returns with UFC on Fuel TV 2: Gustafsson vs. Silva (UFC: Sweden) this Saturday I will be ready and waiting because, in my view, there is no greater manifestation of competition and event to display thereof.