Why the NBA Needs a New All-Star Voting System—Pronto

Al SileshiContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

I know All Star Weekend is for the fans but if the fans reward players who don't deserve it then should they really be making the decision. Even though the votes for the bench players wont matter after the coaches decide, here are some final returns I felt were simply unjustifiable.



East Forwards: Yi Jianlian, New Jersey, 1,813,829:

Averaging about 11 points and 6 rebounds a game, Jianlian has fit in as a great role player, but Yi having more votes then Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh, Hedo Turkoglu, Danny Granger, Josh Smith , and Tayshaun Prince is just an injustice. I know the Chinese fans are the cause of this but something must be done.


East Guards: Allen Iverson, Detroit, 1,804,649 Gilbert Arenas, Washington, 635,540

First off Gilbert Arenas has no business getting votes seeing as to how hes hurt and i know he would agree. Secondly, AI deserves to be an all star but there no way he should start over Devin Harris, who's playing like an MVP candidate this year.

Another number I was very sad to see was Jameer Nelson of Orlando who got a mere 354,773 votes but has really picked up his game and aside from Harris is the most improved player. Joe Johnson also only received 420,210. He is always underrated and he should have at least 800,000 votes. A case could also be made for Danny Granger despite his teams bad record he is playing good basketball and has proved himself worthy against some good teams.


East Centers: Kendrick Perkins, Boston, 621,709

Not a lot of debating here since the center position is a lost art in the NBA. However I do not approve of Kendrick Perkins earning more votes then Rasheed Wallace or Zydrunas Ilgauskas.



West Forwards: Bruce Bowen, San Antonio, 1,392,398

I wont lie as a Spurs fan, I liked this one but its clearly wrong. If the all star game was strictly about defense every year then this number adds up but I see no way Bowen should be over 200,000 votes. Bowen ranks higher the Melo, Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, and Luis Scola. How does that happen?


West Guards: Tracy McGrady, Houston, 1,678,516; Manu Ginobili, San Antonio, 1,642,350;

T-Mac is certainly an all star caliber player but hes been battling injuries all season and hasn't produced or helped his team enough to earn even a quarter of a million votes. Now as for Ginobili, I am the biggest Manu fan and honestly am happy to see fans recognize his abilities and maybe trying to make up for last years snubbing despite his injury but name recognition should not earn him 600,000 votes more then fellow teammate Tony Parker or 600,000 votes at all and this, like Jianlian, might be the cause of international popularity.

Another number in this category that is ridiculous is Brandon Roy's total of 468,688, and Chauncey Billups' total of 466,073. Both fall behind Nash, Kidd, Rafer Alston, and Jamal Crawford. Really fans, Jamal Crawford?


West Centers:

Not really too much too argue here, I would have liked to see Al Jefferson get a little more recognition even though he plays for Minnesota, the kid can ball.


Thus, I think David Stern and the NBA should adapt the NFL Pro Bowl system in which the voting is split into thirds between fans, coaches, and players as early as next year.

*If I left any players out feel free to vent*