Ether: UFC 147 Star Chael Sonnen's Top 10 Twitter Disses

Jonathan Snowden@JESnowdenCombat Sports Senior WriterApril 13, 2012

Ether: UFC 147 Star Chael Sonnen's Top 10 Twitter Disses

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    Chael Sonnen is the funniest man in mixed martial arts. His interviews are classics, his banter is second to none and he's set to conquer the New York Times Bestseller's List.

    He's even funny in 140 characters or less. I'm not just talking it—I'll show you how Chael walks it, with his 10 funniest, meanest, most truth-to-power tweets.

Anderson Silva

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    In his first ever tweet, Sonnen was already coming out blazing. This was the first of many attacks on Anderson Silva, the longtime UFC Middleweight champion.

    Anderson, you are going to be on your back more than a pornstar with a mortgage.

Michael Bisping

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    Although Chael would come to respect Bisping after their fight, before the bout he was spitting hot fire.

    Bisping, you make good points about deserving a title shot. After all, you did beat, umm, well ahh...Hum and then there was..Ah..Wait, what!?

Ed Soares

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    Anderson Silva's spokesman, Ed Soares, has plenty to say about Chael. As a result, Chael isn't afraid to give as well as he gets. Is Soares little better than "Suri?" Chael has his opinion:

    Anderson just fired Ed Soares and replaced him with a Translation App he got on his phone for $14.95.

Antonio Silva

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    Antonio Silva made the mistake of getting in the middle of one of Chael's ongoing war of words. Perhaps men with giant heads shouldn't throw stones?

    @bigfootsilva, I want to tell you a joke so funny it will make your head grow. It goes like this..Oh, wait, I see you have already heard it.

Mayhem Miller

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    Jason "Mayhem" Miller seems to be on the tail end of a career that never really amounted to much. He's a clever personality and a good TV presence. But why, oh why, did he decide to pick a fight with the master?

    MayHem: Due to time constraints I am currently confining my Twitter wars to active, relevant, fighters ONLY. Buy a T-shirt on your way out.

Mirko Cro Cop

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    Mirko Cro Cop, a washed up former heavyweight contender, decided to tell the world he didn't care for Chael's brand of fight promotion. Maybe Mirko would have been better off keeping quiet? Here's one of several Chael disses that put the former Pride great in his place.

    Mirko, ol' buddy! Strong words from someone who's been carried out more often than Chinese food!

The People of Brazil

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    Some fans and pundits are legitimately worried about Chael's wellbeing when he goes to Brazil to face Silva at UFC 147. This tweet is one of the reasons why!

    Hey Anderson, stick to what your country does best; like soccer or harboring infectious disease. Oh, and tell Lyoto that I'M CALLING HIM OUT

Lyoto Machida

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    Former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida made the mistake of angering Chael Sonnen. Another mistake? Telling the world that he drinks his own urine. Think Chael isn't going to use that?

    Machida is not a bad guy; he's a victim of the Brazilian education system. There are better ways to get electrolytes than drinking piss.

Anderson Silva Redux

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    Anderson Silva would have a special place in Chael Sonnen's heart if Chael Sonnen had a heart. There are dozens of Silva disses to choose from, but I like this one because its a shot at Steven Segal. Double duty!

    When I want your advice I'll beat it out of you, Stupid. Now go back to singing to hamburgers and telling Segal he's legit.

Wanderlei Silva

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    Sonnen seems to take special pleasure in eviscerating Wanderlei Silva. In this tweet, he angers not only Silva fans, but fans of the long-lamented Pride promotion as well. Chael Sonnen is truly an evil genius.

    Wand wins 22 fights in Japan!! In related news, Hulk Hogan pins the Iron Sheik.