Four to Six Inches of Snow and Fast Laps in the Forecast

Charlie TurnerSenior Writer IJanuary 19, 2009

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At least Robby Gordon got to race in a resurrected Dakar Rally this past week. Made a hell of a showing too.

The rest of those of us with a racin’ jones, at least of the NASCAR variety, had to endure more Petty drama and Ganassi gnews. I’m tired of this stuff. We need to get back on the track, ya know?

Steve’s doing his best. Ferreting out stuff for him, me and hopefully some of you all to argue about. That’s what this Fast Lap thing is all about. NASCAR debate.

It gets pretty lively ON PIT ROW sometimes. Try these four fast ones. Leave your comments here or call us for free on Tuesday at 5 PM ET for free at 877-502-8255.

1: Should NASCAR be okay with letting Robby Gordon run a Dodge in the Shootout?

2: Who will be the odd man out at Yates Racing now that Bobby Labonte is in the fold with the HOF Racing satellite ride?

3: Should NASCAR follow Michael Waltrip’s advice and ban on track testing permanently?

4: Two no-brainer selections for the first Hall of Fame class.

Personally, I think the “no brainer” question is unfair. Steve, after all, has an advantage on those. But what the hey. Give it a shot. It’s the Fast Lap at