Roddy White Blows Up Twitter with Awkward Sexual Preference Remark

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Roddy White Blows Up Twitter with Awkward Sexual Preference Remark
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What is it with athletes and Twitter?

While trying to connect with fans and offer a more personal relationship is admirable, players have a tendency to say all the wrong things.

Sometimes players can be provoked and we have to remember that they're only human, but in Roddy White's case, there was no provocation whatsoever. In fact, all a fan did was ask whether White would rather lead the league in statistical categories or win the Super Bowl.

His awkward, bizarre, puzzling—you get the point—response was:

Wait, what?

Oh, I see now. White answered a great question with a completely nonsensical question. That makes no sense at all.

White quickly apologized, saying:

Even that didn't make sense.

But at this point it is evident that the 30-year-old NFL star doesn't seem to grasp what he said or what it meant.

In short, Twitter strikes again—highlighting stupidity from every corner of the globe.

I don't always agree with Herm Edwards, especially when it comes to the game clock, but maybe Roddy should go sit back in on the rookie symposium this year and hear what the former coach has to say.

Or, at the very least, invest in the "Don't Press Send Button" Edwards loves to talk about.

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