Bro?!?! NO!: McGwire Ratted Out by Own Brother

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2009

Mark McGwire took steroids while playing baseball?

Since when?  This is news to me!  I have never heard this report before.  I thought he was clean all along!  Hall of Fame!  Hall of Fame!

Oh, wait.  Didn’t everyone in the nation already know this?

For some reason, the “news” story of Mark McGwire taking steroids is something that is mind boggling to the nation, as bloggers, ESPN and every other sports site, channel, or corporation can’t get enough of this.

Instead of showing any love for the great basketball player and human being, by covering the retirement of Alonzo Mourning, everyone in the sporting world is eating this garbage up.

I know that it is his brother, Jay McGwire, coming out with this story, but isn’t this old news.  Who wants to read about it again?

Here, I’ll sum up The McGwire Family Secret: The Truth about Steroids, a Slugger and Ultimate Redemption real quick for everyone out there:

“I, Jay, injected Mark with steroids.  He got really strong just like me and his balls shrank (like me) and he got angry.  Some may call that ‘roid rage.  Anyways, he got really strong and knocked the laces off of the baseball.  Thanks for giving me money.”

I mean really, how much more news could be in this story and how much do people really care anymore?

And enough with this backstabbing!  It is getting ridiculous. 

First Jose Canseco backstabbing his fellow ballplayers for money on his way to publishing two books, but in this case it is even worse with a brother going against his own brother. 

Jay McGwire has dollar signs in his eyes right now.  Even with all the money in the world, how do you sell out your own brother?  How could you live with yourself?

To go against another family member for money is ridiculous.  Jay said he just wanted to do the right thing and he is doing this out of love. 

Yeah right.

If that was the case, go to a newspaper to tell your story or heck maybe even a radio show or something like that for free. You could also just shut your mouth too.  That would be the most efficient strategy. 

This should be a situation handled behind closed doors with the brothers, not brought into the public scene again so a sleazy brother can make tons of money.   

If you were just doing the right thing, you wouldn’t care about the money.  I may not predict a lot of sporting events right, but I can tell you that the book will carry a nice price tag to help fill Jay’s pockets.

Should Mark come out and just explain what happened?  Yes he should, but he won’t.  He apparently doesn’t really care about his image or the Hall of Fame and will go on living his life.  He is fine with that. 

A brother trying to make money off the story though is just despicable.

Book companies are already rejecting this book left and right and hopefully they continue to do so.   

On a different note, does anyone know when Jay is scheduling his debut boxing match?