Monta Ellis Returns in Time to Battle B-Eastly Cavaliers

Joel CreagerCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2009

According to the much anticipated return of Monta Ellis is due to take place this Friday during Golden State's home game against Eastern Conference contender, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Ellis has been out the entire first half of the season due to a moped accident that severed ligaments in his ankle.  Ellis stated that his rehab has been "peaches and cream."

Ellis will bring spacing, quickness, and ball movement to what is currently an isolation oriented offense.  His transition from shooting guard to point guard has drawn many skeptics.  It remains to be seen if he can become a full-time distributor.  Many fans are also curious to see how well Ellis and Jamal Crawford will play alongside each other.

While it is unlikely that the Warriors will make the playoffs, Ellis' return gives the fans some razzle dazzle in the latter half of what has been a dismal season.

In addition, Ellis' return will put the Warriors' trade needs in clearer perspective.

Lastly, results of Jeff Fried's meeting between Robert Rowell and the Warriors' front office (concerning Ellis' punishment or grievance) have not yet been disclosed.

Welcome back, Monta Ellis.




Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News:

"I know you’re just dying to hear this… or NOT… but Ellis’ agent Jeff Fried tonight said that the Warriors continue to maintain that they have the indefinite right to void Ellis’ $66M deal, despite Fried’s protestsFried has filed a formal letter of complaint over the issue, in addition to the previous all-encompassing grievance.

This standoff is not over, though Ellis is determined to make his comeback tomorrow night, with or without Warriors’ management contemplating a potential voiding."


Sounds like this one is far from over.