Free Agent Lunacy Hits NFL

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IFebruary 29, 2008

And they're off.....

Today marks the beginning of the NFL's free agent signing period—sort of like Christmas, Mardi Gras, and Festivus all rolled into one for the GMs of all 32 teams.

Of course some will be more active than others, but which ones?

Usually the desperate teams dive right in, then wonder why they have no cap room to field a competitive team. Then there are the perennial contenders who strategically cherry pick what they need under the radar. 

We know Randy Moss will return to New England, so those of you who think he might go elsewhere stop right there. Why would he leave Brady and the chance to be in the Super Bowl every year?

Asante Samuel is said to be out of New England and headed to Philadelphia. 

The Eagles are also pursuing the Giants' Gibril Wilson. That's funny, I thought the secondary was one of the Eagles' strengths...

Kawika Mitchell left the Giants for Buffalo. Maybe that Green Bay game had something to with it. Hope he likes getting paid in Canadian dollars. Where will Lance Briggs end up? Now that the Giants lost Mitchell, they might take a look at Briggs. That's scary.

The Jets traded draft picks to the Panthers for DT Kris Jenkins, assuring us of two things: they now officially have a Pro Bowler on their roster and DeWayne Robertson is on his way out.

The Browns signed Derek Anderson to a three-year contract, which means they are now paying their quarterbacks more than the GNP of Belize. Make a trade, will you?

The Raiders are still trying to "convince" Lane Kiffin to quit. Why don't they just waterboard him? This team has to realize that it's 2008, not 1978...

Brett Favre will most likely return to Green Bay. I don't know what to think of this. Even though I'm a Giants' guy I felt bad for him after the NFC Championship Game.  One more year....but that's it, Brett!

Uh, one last thing. You build championship teams through the draft, not free-agency. Just thought I'd mention that.