South Carolina Football: The Old Spurrier Is Back and Tossing Verbal Jabs at UGA

Barrett SalleeSEC Football Lead WriterApril 12, 2012

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier
South Carolina head coach Steve SpurrierKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Love him or hate him, Steve Spurrier is a lightning rod for sports talk radio, the Internet and columnists across the country.

We all remember the old Steve Spurrier at Florida. Some of his more notable one-liners during his time in Gainesville include, "You can't spell Citrus without 'U-T'," and giving Florida State University the moniker of "Free Shoes University" in relation to Florida State's NCAA trouble of the 90s. 

The rhetoric had tapered off since Spurrier took over as South Carolina's head coach in 2005, but on Thursday, the head ball coach made a triumphant return.

When asked by's Chris Low about how he felt about the Georgia game being moved from the beginning to the middle of the season, Spurrier let loose a right cross at the Georgia Bulldogs and hit them right in the chin.

I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.


Spurrier's right, and this season Missouri is going to be the beneficiary of Georgia's off-the-field issues.

Low also asked Spurrier his thoughts on the job that Nick Saban has done at Alabama, and again Spurrier hits it out of the park.

He’s got a nice little gig going, a little bit like (John) Calipari. He tells guys, ‘Hey, three years from now, you’re going to be a first-round pick and go.’ If he wants to be the greatest coach or one of the greatest coaches in college football, to me, he has to go somewhere besides Alabama and win, because they’ve always won there at Alabama.

"A nice little gig." That's funny.

Spurrier is again spot on. Saban has things cooking at Alabama because players recognize that the prestige of the program, the systems that Alabama runs on both sides of the ball and the competition that faces them every day in practice will best prepare them for the next level. 

You may love Steve Spurrier and you may hate him. Personally, I don't have a problem with these quotations or any of his one-liners for which he has become famous. It keeps things in the SEC fresh and fun; and it's a nice departure from the cliche-ridden coach talk that most coaches provide on a daily basis.