WWE Raw: Has John Cena Become the WWE's Favorite Tool?

John CramperContributor IIApril 12, 2012

Face of WWE or Tool of WWE?
Face of WWE or Tool of WWE?Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

Lately, John Cena has been used. Indeed, throughout his countless promos, he has been portrayed as a guy who works his butt off.

However, why would the WWE portray him like this if he is going to continue to lose? I can understand the decision to make him lose to The Rock. After all, The Rock came back to “electrify the WWE Universe.” Why would he take time out of his busy schedule to lose on the biggest stage of them all?

The fact is, they used Cena for an all-time great. They let him lose.

After that, I would have thought that the WWE would reward him. I thought that the WWE would give him a match against CM Punk for the WWE championship or perhaps put him in an easy match at Extreme Rules.

Instead, the WWE has put him right back where he was.

At Extreme Rules, Cena faces another returning legend of the WWE in Brock Lesnar.

Cena is being used as a tool, that much is clear. Big-name superstars want to come back and win at a pay-per-view, so Vince gives them a match with John Cena.

People may think that John Cena will defeat Brock at Extreme Rules, but it is pretty clear to me that he is destined to lose.

Why would “The New Face of The WWE” come back to lose at a pay-per-view and be forgotten? If I was John Cena, I would not be happy with the way the WWE is making their decisions.

Right now, Cena is a tool and the WWE is going to use him until he is dull.

In my eyes, he has already become dull. It is time for a change.