Boston Red Sox: Twitter Users' 10 Best Suggestions for Closer

Adam MacDonald@adammacdoAnalyst IIApril 12, 2012

Boston Red Sox: Twitter Users' 10 Best Suggestions for Closer

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    Alfredo Aceves had a rough start as the Boston Red Sox' new closer. He allowed the first five runners to reach base and blew two games in 14 pitches. His third outing was good, setting the Toronto Blue Jays down in order for his first save.

    That hasn't stopped Red Sox fans from calling for a new closer, though. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure and offer their suggestions for possible replacements. Hopefully Ben Cherington is listening.

Daniel Bard

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    A sensible one to start off with, and suggested by many, many people. Daniel Bard looked to be the closer-in-waiting behind Jonathan Papelbon but is now in the starting rotation. He didn't look too bad there, either, and was unlucky to give up as many as five runs.!/MattElfslayer/status/189881721859211264!/jedleyq/status/189885696121638913

Dennis Eckersley

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    Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley was a great closer and a great starter. He was the former with the Red Sox from 1978 to 1984, going 84-70 with a sub-4.00 ERA. He was a closer with Oakland, though, where he won the Cy Young Award, MVP and World Series.!/bosoxfan929/status/189113195661762561

Michael Bowden

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    Michael Bowden has pitched well in relief this season. The only run he has surrendered in his three innings of work was a solo home run.!/sagerobison/status/189538301366112256

Darnell McDonald

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    Outfielder Darnell McDonald actually pitched an inning last year, facing six batters and allowing two runs. It was in the ninth inning, so perhaps he can be the closer after all.!/johndryder/status/189094805228355585

Tim Wakefield

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    Tim Wakefield is a Red Sox legend and after retiring in the offseason, some Twitter users have been clamouring for his return. In his time in Boston, he was known as the guy who would do whatever they asked of him, so closer isn't too much to ask.!/nbwhite/status/189118552584892416!/DaTechGuyblog/status/189260118611853312

Anton Khudobin

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    The Boston Bruins' backup goalie is gearing up for the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Washington Capitals but surely on off-days he could be available to pitch?!/TheBruinsBlog/status/189109196694896640

Bubba Watson

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    Bubba Watson produced one of the greatest shots in Masters history on Sunday en route to beating Louis Oosthuizen in a playoff. That's the kind of clutch performance the Sox could be doing with.!/redsox4lfe9/status/189186660427239424

Kyra Sedgwick

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    The Emmy Award-winning actress is the star of TNT's drama "The Closer." While that might stand her in good stead, the picture on the left was taken at a Lakers game, which might rub Sox fans up the wrong way.!/KenTremendous/status/189112162311094272

Charlie Sheen

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    Charlie Sheen certainly has a...unique...personality. But what closer doesn't have his quirks?!/Lance_THESPOKEN/status/189342555287207937


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    For a revenue-conscious and PR-savvy group like John Henry and Co., this is a great idea. Every game, have a raffle draw and randomly select a fan to close out the game. Charge $50 a ticket and not only do you have yourself a nice little earner, you have an inexhaustible supply of arms.!/KevinSchupp/status/189390617745424384


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