Final Husker Season Review: Up Down and In Between

Grant BachmanContributor IApril 7, 2017

Wow, what a year.

The Huskers finished the season 9-4 (5-3) and were a matter of three or four plays away from being 10-2.  Nebraska nearly had wins against national threat Texas Tech and ACC Champions Virginia Tech Hokies.

When Bo Pelini first came to Nebraska off of a national title at LSU he knew that things would be difficult.  His first motive was about restoring a pride in Husker football and by all means he is off to a great start.

Is the mission completed?

No, but we are a lot farther now then we were at this time last year.  Everyone has seen how the season played out in terms of the growth and maturation of this team, now it's time to hand out the postseason awards and preview what we have to look forward to next season from the mighty big red machine.

Offensive MVP: No brainer here. Joe Ganz who could be one the most important QB's ever to play at NU because of what he did for this team. Not only did he set and break numerous records, but he became a leader—someone for the team to rely on.

Defensive MVP: No brainer No. 2. Ndomakong Suh the first DT to lead the team in tackles, tackles for loss, and sacks in a long long long time at NU. Finally, the best was he let loose and we saw towards the end of the year what he is capable of.  He will be a All-American next season!

Special Teams MVP:  Alex Henry, yes he is human and did finally miss a couple field goals. But he remained perfect on PAT's and is the reason the Huskers played in Jacksonville, Florida. He will be an All-American before his time is over in Lincoln

Who to watch for next season:

The Huskers have a plethora of young talent just chomping at the bit to get on the field. Look for the following players to have a key role in next season.

Will Compton- LB

Sean Fischer- LB

Courtney Osborne- DB

Ricky Henry- OL

Alonzo Whaley- LB

Anthony Blue- DB

Khiry  Cooper- WR

Cody Green- QB

I put Cody in for arguments sake.  However, I feel that if he is getting some valuable playing time, then the Huskers are in trouble.

Biggest position battle for the spring:

QB- Pat Witt who was the No. 2 behind Ganz

      Zac Lee

      Kody Spano

      Cody Green

All in all things are very bright for the Husker future.  As the offseason progresses, I will take a look at the recruiting class being put together by the Huskers and will break down each recruit when they have officially signed and are on campus.

I look forward to bringing you the best Husker coverage on the BleacherReport network.

Go Big Red