Should Rajon Rondo Worry About Stephon Marbury?

Sandy ArlesContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

Any NBA fan will drool over the prospect of pairing up the formidable guard-forward tandem of Marbury and Garnett.  Speculation still buzzes around the league that it is still possible, although Greek team Olymipiakos has also entered the picture.  Garnett has even welcomed the thought of playing alongside his former best-friend.  

Sadly, I think it's ridiculous for Danny Ainge to even consider it an option.  There's too much at stake to even consider a move for the contrversial Marbury.

Garnett and Marbury were the younger and more athletic Stockton-Malone duo.  They had the flair and the swagger which was all new to our internet-obsessed, generation Y.  For two and a half years, they gave Minnesota the hope of perhaps a decent legacy and infiltrated the league with hype, energy and a flashy athletic one-two punch.  

But, they were young, immature and obsessed with their egos and money.  Minneapolis was too small a town for the both of them, as Marbury quoted, and all the marketing tended to sway in KG's favor.  The last straw was the $126 million contract that was signed by KG.  Marbury received a $70.9 million contract.  

So with all this said and done, could Marbury reunite that partnership with KG?  

The answer is no.  Marbury still has that top-dog ego which even influenced him to sit out an entire campaign with the Knicks.  So how would he take being a back-up PG to Rajon Rondo?  

After leaving Minnesota on a sour note, Marbury had bad stints at both New Jersey and New York.  His bust–ups with Isaiah Thomas have now spilled over to his relationship with Mike D’Antoni.  So far, Doc Rivers has harnessed every single ego in his locker room to produce a championship team.  I don’t think he should take a risk with “Starbury.”

Suiting Marbury up in green will not only limit Rondo's minutes, but also put Eddie House's contract in jeopardy.  Last night House dropped 25 on the Heat.  Yes he’s not a pure point-guard, but he helps spread the floor and is a perfect role player.    

last season, critics said that Boston would never win with Rondo at the pointguard spot.  The kid plays excellent defense and reads the game well.  Yes he can't shoot, but why does he need to when he has Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Eddie House, and Brian Scalabrine on the court? 

Rondo has been having his best season of his career.  Analysts even thought that he could make it to the all-star game.  He definitely does not need to share minutes with Marbury, he’s still young and easily influenced by the big three.  He has shown consistent improvement this season.  Let’s keep it that way. 

Rondo is yooung and will only get better. 

Right now, the chemistry in the locker room is great.  Yes Big Baby gets yelled at and Rondo is pulled aside and talked to when he does not produce, but why even try to alter the equilibrium with a hot head like Marbury? 

 My old man used to say “if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.”  The Celtics are the best in the East and will still go deep in the playoffs and might even repeat.  They are far from broke.  Too many egos will disrupt the balance that they have, much like the Lakers addition of hall-of-famers Gary Payton and Karl Malone to that other formidable duo, Shaq and Kobe.  So forget about Marbury, it’s just not worth it.