I Must Be Dreaming: St. Louis Rams Hire Proven Winner, Steve Spagnuolo

john dmytruk@@jaredthecat1Correspondent IJanuary 22, 2009

I don't want to wake from this dream because in this dream the Rams made the right decision. They actually hired a proven winner—at least at the defensive coordinator position. They signed last year's Super Bowl Champion Giants' defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo.

And when they introduced him, he took control of the press conference. He actually gave solid answers. He did not look like a deer caught in the head lights like a previous coach.

When asked what type offense he would have? He replied that it would not have fancy name, but consist of running the ball and protecting the passer. He wants to give us a simple offense that moves the ball.

This new head coach will bring with him new assistant coaches. Some have said that some of the assists may come from the Philadelphia Eagles while one from the New York Giants. He will get rid of the Miami Dolphins' castoffs. 

But at last, I have to comeback to reality. Spagnuolo has his work cut for him. I can give you two such examples where work needs to be done.

He talked about building on a solid foundation. Well he will need solid offensive and defensive lines to be that foundation. If he wants to run the ball and protect the passer, he will need a strong offensive line.

Which brings me to the quarterback situation. Both Marc Bulger and Trent Greene each have two concussions. By league rule: One more concussion could put either one of them into early retirement. A strong line could prevent such a risk, but not indefinitely. With one lucky shot, comes the risk of a career ending concussion.

With that being said, I want welcome Coach Spagnuolo and wish him the best. Now let me get back to my dream of a possible winning season.