WWE: Sheamus & 5 More Superstars Who Can Carry WWE in Today's Heel Infestation

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WWE: Sheamus & 5 More Superstars Who Can Carry WWE in Today's Heel Infestation

The controversial arrival of Brock Lesnar, Lord Tensai and the not-so-controversial entry of Ryback and Alberto Del Rio has created a situation that has so far gone ignored. This situation started to feebly make its impact back when Kane returned with a mask and Chris Jericho with a flashy jacket—a Hollywood-esque situation involving numbered heroes and many villains.

Well, if you minus the heroes that are actually booed, you get an even smaller figure. Sorry, Sheamus and Cena.

The aforementioned heels were added to a heel-rich roster—which included the likes of Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, Christian, Wade Barrett, Miz, Ziggler, Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Otunga and a lot more less relevant superstars. Sorry, Heath Slater.

So what does WWE do? Bring another heel in the form of Damien Sandow (who looks pretty solid in his weekly promos so far)? Turn Mark Henry back into Sexual Chocolate?

Or should they just do what they've failed to do so far, and consequently needed The Rock to come back and sell tickets for—create stars.

Of course, given their liking for veterans over the current roster, we might soon see Dusty Rhodes vs. Cody Rhodes or something similar and more realistic.  

But I'm flirting with optimism here, so click to read a list of six wrestlers who can carry the company today—apart from John Cena of course, as he's busy teaching Brock Lesnar the difference between real punches and WWE punches.

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