Jeff Monson, Why?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJanuary 22, 2009

The last 12 hours of reading MMA news has made for a giant bout with reoccuring depression for yours truly.

It is hard enough to find heroes in the world today, and once found they frequently cause unexpected disappointment; such is true for one of my former heroes, Jeff Monson.

I was very impressed with Jeff leading up to and after his fight with Tim Silvia.

He was so frustrated time and again by the much taller Silvia and exerted so much energy trying to do damage, but not being able to extend his reach enough to even raise a welt on the Mainiac, that I was afraid he would have a stroke.

In some ways, I thought the uneven match might dishearten Jeff so much that he would give up fighting and take up another career; considering his interest in the world, the environment and politics. possibly as an activist.

Well, he is an activist and when ESPN Magazine did an article about his activism he was captured in a picture defacing a monument in Washington D.C.

That certainly was not what I had envisioned for him.

Being a somewhat old romantic (63 this year in January!), I like to picture the huge monsters of the MMA as being "gentle giants" with hearts every bit as large as their muscles.

When I read news articles that prove contrary to my romanticism I am very down heartened.

So as I read that during an altercation with a young woman (30, which is young to me), Jeff caused damage to her house and even got physical with her for destroying his cell phone, I was completely disillusioned.

Disillusionment and depression have been my closest friends for as long as I have lived, so this is certainly not unfamiliar territory for me, but darn it all, I keep hoping it will be the last time I read about an MMA fighter being involved in domestic violence.

Yes, young men, I hear your complaints about how infuriating young women who still have hormones raging, can be. I was young and hormonal too, once upon a time.

As the mother of two large young men I have always advised them not to ever get physical with women.

I wish they had listened to me better.

Since my oldest son (who fancied himself as a fighter and would have been hot to be in MMA if it had happened when he was younger), has struck me and knocked me out I know how unfair the male advantage is.

It is not fun to be on the receiving end of a 6'2" 240 lb. man's right fist.

He, however, was thrilled to finally have a "knockout" to brag about to his friend—can you imagine his nerve!

Well, Jeff, in case your mother did not tell you, Grandma Dee will: it is not right to use your strength against the opposite sex, no matter how much they provoke you.

For that matter, it is not a great idea to desecrate national monuments either, with or without witnesses.

I expected much better from you.

You can chain yourself to a redwood tree to protect it from loggers, but please use more discretion in your personal life.

If you don't learn this from Grandma now, I am sure you will be learning it from a cold hearted judge in the near future.

Not all of us old folks are pushovers.