The Top Five Reasons To Dislike LeBron James

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2009

When I first signed onto Bleacher Report, I figured this would be therapy since I like to write about the Portland Trail Blazers, and I do not care if I am one of these senior writers with 58,000 hits!  I am fine just to write, publish, and get feedback from bloggers and editors.  All I wanted to do was share my thoughts on a game by game basis. 

Lately I realized that Bleacher Report is a darn good way to make some serious statements.  So instead of going game by game, I decided to pick my articles more carefully. 

Thus I contemplated writing a mid-season Blazers report card, or talking about the rookie sensations we have, or even Rudy Fernandez going to the slam dunk contest.

After tonight's home court loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, I found another good topic to discuss:  Top five reasons to dislike LeBron James!


5. LeBron James Travels!

LeBron James is the King, alright.  The King of TRAVELING!  He travels more than Traveling Matt from that old Muppet show Fraggle Rock.  He travels more than a frequent flier!   LeBron James travels more than Indiana Jones when he goes searching for buried treasure.  LeBron James takes three to four steps on so many of his explosive dunks, its really sickening that nobody who has a powerful voice that broadcasts to the nation will say anything about it. 


4. LeBron James Whines!

LeBron James whines like a little baby when things do not go his way.  Just tonight he pouted, and pouted, and then got that, "Ref you know you did me wrong but it's all good!" look.  Jordan never whined like LeBron does, Jordan scared the hell out of anyone who got in his way. 

I do not think even Kobe Bryant, in his younger arrogant years, whined as much as LeBron James.  And since the league lets him travel so they can spotlight his monster jams, what right does he have to whine about anything?


3. LeBron James Is All About the $$$

LeBron James does not care about his fans, or winning a championship, more than he cares about getting paid!  He is actually considering leaving his adoring home state to play for...The Knicks?? The Nets??  Does he have rocks in his head?   Or does he just care about whoever pays him the most $$$?

It is SAD LeBron James is helping take Cleveland to the level they are playing at this season, with the knowledge he may well ditch them to go hang with Jay-Z's Nets, or even the Knicks. He would take YEARS to rebuild the Nets and Knicks franchises, even with James! If he leaves Cleveland, I will STRONGLY DISLIKE the guy.


2. LeBron James Does NOT Make His Teammates Better 

Long have I argued with NBA enthusiasts that Brandon Roy's best attribute is the fact he makes the players around him so much better.  LeBron James does not do that.  In the past, he carried them on his back to get them to the playoffs and even the finals. 

This season, he has surrounded himself with veterans like Wally Szczerbiak, Mo Williams, and Ben Wallace!  The Cleveland Cavaliers franchise put a wily group of hungry vets to surround their traveling, whining, care only about the $$$, superstar.  THAT is why they are winning.


1. LeBron James got SWEPT in the NBA Finals 

Yes, in 2007 King James went to the NBA Finals, and played a series that could not even produce ONE game to go on the list of NBA's Greatest Games!  The San Antonio Spurs whooped them in the most boring NBA Finals of my lifetime.

So there you have it.

Of course, there are other reasons I will omit.  Such as the fact I am bitterly jealous that his talent takes him to such heights, while I sit at this computer gaining weight and being upset that my team put up a close but no cigar fight. 

I can say that I watched LeBron James and Mo Williams but up career statistics at the Rose Garden, and that Portland missed every important shot.  I could even go so far as to say I would have much rather SOLD MY TICKET than have attended this game.

BUT...I will just leave it at that!

LeBron, you travel, whine, are all about the money, do not make your teammates better, and when you made it to the NBA got SWEPT.