The Ten Most Famous Foreign Objects

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2009

Throughout wrestling there have been certain weapons that have left their mark in wrestling and on their victim. Here are ten of the most popular weapons in wrestling history.

10. Cheese Grater

If it wasn't for ECW we would never have been introduced to the cheese grater and it's extreme skin grating brutality. We have Tommy Dreamer, the Dudley Boyz, and others to thank for showing us that a cheese grater can grate cheese and cause pain. I encourage readers to stick to grating cheese and not foreheads.

9. The Fork

Introduced and made famous by Abdullah the Butcher. Whether he hid it in his pants or under his flabby man boobs, he didn't hesitate to go for his fork. Abby would use the fork to carve into his opponent's forehead and leave his victims wearing a crimson mask throughout the match. Carlos Colon has stated that most of the blood he's lost in the ring has come at the hands of Abdullah.

8. The Pencil

Was it a number two pencil? I don't know and it doesn't matter. Brought in by The Original Sheik, he would hide the pencil in his boot and wait for the right moment to strike his opponent. Who ever thought a learning utensil, like the pencil, would be so useful in the wrestling ring?

7. Singapore Cane

Does everyone remember when Michael Fay got caned four times over in Singapore for theft and vandalism? Well, Paul Heyman got this great idea: Tommy Dreamer versus The Sandman. The loser gets ten strikes across the back...with a Singapore cane. That's how the Singapore cane came into pro wrestling and it all started from this memorable match.

6. The Guitar

Whether it's The Honky Tonk Man or Jeff Jarrett, they know how to swing an acoustic guitar, just ask their opponents. First made famous by The Honky Tonk Man; Santino has been on the receiving end of Honky Tonk's famous guitar shot. Jeff Jarrett continues to use the guitar shot. I wonder if they take requests?

5. Barbie/Barb Wire

Used by The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley, a baseball bat or two by four that's wrapped in barb wire; it tears flesh and leaves scars. The infamous Born to be Wired ECW Pay-Per-View, saw Sabu and Terry Funk go at it in a barbwire rope match. Battered and bloodied, at the end of the match both men had to be cut out of the barb wire. Some say the match was too extreme even for ECW.

4. The Sledgehammer

A sledgehammer? Really? Only a sick and cerebral person would use a sledgehammer to inflict pain! Who would commit such an act? That would be none other than "The Game" Triple H, who first introduced us to his "friend" during his feud with The Undertaker leading up to their classic WrestleMania 17 match. 

Triple H uses a real sledgehammer, the only time he used a fake sledgehammer was during his match with Undertaker at WrestleMania 17.

3. The Ladder

The ladder is a different kind of weapon. Sure it helps a wrestler inflict pain on their opponent, but it's also helped launch, or play a key role in a wrestler's career. Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon made the ladder match what it is today. Edge is the king of TLC matches, The Hardys, Chris Jericho, and others also know their way around a ladder.

2. The Table

"We want tables!" A chant that I never get tired of hearing. Sabu introduced tables to American wrestling while in ECW and became known for breaking tables. If a table was not broken during the match, he'd voluntarily put himself through a table.

When you talk about tables, you can't forget about Team 3D. They showed us that you can do so many things with a table. You can wrap it in barbwire, put thumbtacks on it, and even set it on fire! It's all about being creative!

1. The Steel Chair

In pro wrestling, you can always rely on the steel chair. Before all the weapons above came around, there was the steel chair and the steel chair will always serve it's purpose.


Well, that's it folks! Did I miss your favorite weapon? Well, leave your thoughts and comments.

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