Tom Brady Tells Radio Station His Rehab Is Going Well

NFLGridironGabSenior Analyst IJanuary 21, 2009

There was plenty of speculation not that long ago that Pats QB Tom Brady’s rehab from knee surgery was not going well. In his first real interview on Wednesday, given to the Fan 590 in Toronto, Brady said that is not the case.

“Anyone who’s come back from injuries that require surgery, it’s just a process,” he said. “There’s some good days, some bad days, and you just got to keep plugging through them. That’s life.”

Brady spoke out for about 10 minutes, talking about a variety of things, including his rehab, the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and a new sports cream that he’s pushing.

However, the QB did not give a clear timetable explaining when he would return to the field, which is about all that Patriot fans care about.

“I’m in a new part of my career, and I’m excited about rehabilitation and different challenges,” he said. “The tough part is you’re not experiencing something you love to do. But you get over that and you focus on what you’ve got to focus on and you just say ‘OK, well, it happened. We’re moving on.’”

The Pats have a tough decision to make this offseason since QB Matt Cassel played so well. It’s thought that he will be franchised by the club. This would protect them in case Brady is not ready to go at the start of next season. If they don't do this and Brady isn't ready while Cassel has moved on, it would put the team in a real tough spot.

For now, though, Brady seems to be in good spirits, and that’s good news for Pats fans still hoping he makes a complete recovery from last year’s opening day injury vs. the Chiefs.