NJIT Win Snaps 51-Game Drought, Is the Apocolypse Near?

Ben GibsonSenior Analyst IJanuary 21, 2009

Forget Virginia Tech and Northwestern. Two major upset victories sure but not even close to the most shocking win last night.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology won a game 61-51.

Why so shocking? Well, how about the fact that the last time the NJIT Highlanders had won a game was February 19th, 2007.

That's right, 51 games and 51 defeats. The longest losing streak in NCAA history is no more! Yes, we can, Highlanders!

No more 104-52 losses to North Dakota State!

No more 88-44 losses to Fordham!

Well okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

NJIT entered the game with an 0-18 record on the year, but much like yesterday in Washington D.C., there was hope in the air.

The unfortunate team on the other end of history, Bryant University, a private school in Smithfield, Rhode Island that had only totaled three victories themselves this season.

P.S. They also claim to have had five All-Americans in their school history, I guess that only adds more shame to the situation.

This epic struggle began with a fast start. The Highlanders could not be stopped, shooting a blazing 41 percent in the first half.

Well okay, maybe they weren't red hot, but it was certainly better than the 6-23 first half for Bryant University.

For NJIT it was all about Jheryl Wilson. (Yes, that's how you spell his first name.)

Wilson had 26 points overall, including 4-7 behind the arc. By comparison, it took Bryant 32 minutes to score 26 points as a team!

Still despite a 31-15 halftime lead, NJIT strangely played like a team not accustomed to winning.

Their second half was far worse, not just offensively where they shot just over 30 percent, but their defense suffered greatly. 

Bryant University doubled their offensive output in the second half, proving that pride really does come forth at some point.

However, it was all for not. NJIT's lead never dwindled below double-digits in the second half, and now we can all hand the Highlanders a well-deserved congratulations.

Oh, but the best news is yet to come!

The next game for the Highlanders, the Longwood Lancers, which just happens to be the last team NJIT defeated before tonight by the score of 78-74. They even won it in Farmville, Virginia like the true road warriors that they are.

Could it be...dare I say...a winning streak?

Well, let's not spoil the moment. Congratulations NJIT, you did something teams like Villanova, Wake Forest and Michigan State were unable to do tonight.

That has to count for something, right?