Let's Get Ready To Rumble! My Prediction For Beth vs. Melina

Christi LottCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2009

This Sunday marks a big match for the RAW women's division and its prestigious WWE Women's Title.

Melina will try to carry the momentum of her return from a six-month absence to defeat her former ally, dominant Women's champion Beth Phoenix.

This is also a big match for Phoenix, as I consider this to be her first real title defense since winning in August. Sorry you Candice fans; she was far from a contender to me and was not in contender form when she got her shot.

It's not easy to vote against the Glamazon in any capacity, but I've been going with Melina since she returned. She came back in prime form and has continued to show in a short amount of time that she isn't to be ignored.

She pretty much primed to take over the top face spot from Mickie James, who's been carrying the weight of the Diva division on her shoulders since Melina was injured. 

Becoming No. 1 Contender put me over in my support of her win. My prediction became solidified on this past Monday Night RAW.

The WWE gave away a free Glam Slam on Melina by Beth. This tells me Melina is taking the gold at the Royal Rumble.

It's one thing for the two to attack each other in a cat fight, it's a whole other issue for one Diva to use her finisher on her opponent. Yes, it showed Beth's dominance, but Beth caught Melina off guard, and it tells me she won't this Sunday.

Although I'm not interested in the Rosa Mendes character or angle at all (Mickie did the crazy fan bit much better), this one is different in the sense that Beth doesn't want the attention or support.

That's the only part I enjoy about it, because it makes the most sense. I believe Santino will try to distract the referee so Rosa can sneak into the ring and attack Melina, but Beth will pull her off, throw her out of the ring like she did on RAW and berate her for interfering. Melina will capitalize on the distraction and win the gold.

I could end up being completely wrong and it could be a total squash, but I for one believe we will be treated to a quality women's match that hasn't been seen on a PPV in quite some time.

The two have shown some great chemistry together (look at their One Night Stand match) and are in their primes in more than one area.

I'm definitely looking forward to this rumble...at the Rumble.