Royal Rumble A Look Back Part III: 25 Facts You May Not Know

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IJanuary 21, 2009

The Royal Rumble is upon us, and if the events that occurred on RAW was the WWE's effort to generate pay-per-view buys, they may have one of their highest buyrates in a long time! 

In a final look at the history of the Royal Rumble, we'll take a look at 25 facts that you may not have known about this great event. 


Sharing is Caring 

Bret Hart and Lex Luger are the only co-winners of the Royal Rumble match.  They both won in 1994 as their feet touched the ground at the same time.


The True No. 1 Entrant

Speaking of Bret Hart, he was the first man ever to enter a Royal Rumble match.  He was entrant No. 1 in the inaugural Rumble in 1988.


Not Always a 30 Man Battle Royal??

The very first Royal Rumble in 1988 did not have the traditional 30 superstars that we are used to seeing currently.  It had 20 superstars. 


The Effects of the Brand Extension

Royal Rumble 2003 was unique in that it was the first Royal Rumble since the brand extension in 2002.  The 30 participants was split evenly between 15 Raw and 15 Smackdown superstars. 


Bring In The Pyro!!

We love fire and sparkles!!  Did you know that pyrotechnics were first featured in a Royal Rumble event in 1996? 


And Bring Music Too!!

The 1996 Royal Rumble also was the first time that entrance themes were played for all 30 superstars. 


No. 30's The Man Two Years In a Row

The person who drew No. 30 won the Royal Rumble in 2007 (The Undertaker) and 2008 (John Cena). They are the only men ever to win the Rumble entering at No. 30.


What's A Royal Rumble without The Big Red Machine!?!? 

Kane will be making his 12th appearance in a Royal Rumble this year.  He has never won. 


California Love

The Royal Rumble has taken place in the state of California five times, more than any other state. 


The Royal Rumble on Cable? 

Not all Royal Rumbles have taken place on pay-per-view.  In fact, the very first Royal Rumble aired on the USA Network. 


A True Ironman

Rey Mysterio holds the record for the longest time in a Rumble match.  He lasted 1:02:12 on his way to victory in 2006.


The Ultimate Prize at Stake 

Royal Rumble 1993 was officially the first Rumble match where the winner was awarded a title match at Wrestlemania. 


You're The First and The Last

Butch Reed was the first man ever eliminated from a Royal Rumble in 1988.  He was eliminated by Jake "The Snake" Roberts.


Truly No. 1

Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit are the only men to ever win the Royal Rumble match as the first entrant. 


Truly No. 2

Rey Mysterio and Vince McMahon both won their Rumbles entering #2. 


The 20s Are The Best

14 out of the past 21 winners have entered at No. 22 or higher. 


The Triple Threat

Stone Cold Steve Austin is the only three-time winner in Royal Rumble history. 


A Title Up For Grabs

Royal Rumble 1992 was the first (and only) time a title was awarded to the winner of the Rumble match.  Ric Flair won and became WWF Champion. 


The Upset

At the 91' edition of the Rumble, Sgt. Slaughter defeated the Ultimate Warrior for the WWF Championship in what is regarded as one of the biggest upsets in the history of the WWE/F Championship.  It was the first time a WWE/F title match was held at the Royal Rumble. 


Can't Wait For Wrestlemania

After his Royal Rumble victory in 2008, John Cena became the first man to use his title opportunity at an event other than Wrestlemania.  He used it at No Way Out.


A Name Change??

The original name for the Royal Rumble was the Rumble Royale.  Thank God they changed that! 


The 2000 Guarantee

Every Rumble winner this decade has gone to Wrestlemania and become champion, except for John Cena, who did not win the title at Wrestlemania after winning the Rumble last year. 


Obama and The Great One

What do Barack Obama and The Rock have in common?  They both were pioneers in their respective fields.  The People's Champ became the first superstar of African-American decent to win the Royal Rumble.  Yes, We Can!!


Latin Lover??

Can someone tell me who the hell this guy is??   


Who Thought of This Wacky Match?

Pat Patterson is the man credited with coming up with the idea of the Royal Rumble match. 


Now that you are well versed on Royal Rumble facts you should be ready for the big event this Sunday!!  Look out for my live Royal Rumble report after the event on Sunday!!