To Finish or Not: A Final Note on Michigan's Recruiting Class

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2009

As most of us already know, Michigan is once again fielding a top recruiting class for 2009.

With names like Tate Forcier at QB, Craig Roh at DE, Taylor Lewan at OT, and Anthony LaLota at DE coming in to Michigan for 2009, the Blue and Maize of Ann Arbor will be more than ready to take on the Big Ten in '09.

Greg Robinson, most recently fired from the Syracuse head coaching job, has hopped on the Rich Rod train, and was announced as Michigan's new defensive coordinator yesterday.

After all the recruiting work that has been accomplished in the off-season, it still feels like something is missing.

It feels like the recruiting class is missing something, and Rodriguez and his team will do anything to fill that void.

Michigan is anything but done with its search for young, athletic prospects.

If you were wondering, the player in the picture above is Quinton Washington, the No. 6 guard in the nation, who is one of three top 150 players considering Michigan as an option.

If Michigan can land even one of these prospects, many Wolverine faithful will feel the recruiting class has been completed.

If they can land multiple, we could be looking at a top-ten Michigan Recruiting class.

As players continue to think over their decisions, lets take a look at some still considering Michigan.


1. Sam Montgomery, No. 2 DE, South Carolina.

If Rich can land Montgomery, it will take a lot of pressure off of incoming Craig Roh, and solidify Michigan's D-Line for the upcoming season. Although inexperienced in football, having played only one year, he has great athletic ability off the line.


2. Quinton Washington, No. 6 OG, South Carolina.

If Washington indeed selects Michigan, he will most likely red-shirt, as Michigan will have a solid O-line, due to the fact that many were red shirted last year. Although he is quite heavy, he can block very well.


3. Denard Robinson, No. 8 ATH (Multiple Positions), Florida.

If he decides to attend Michigan, with his raw athletic ability, Robinson will either play wide-out, or defensive back.

Although he played QB in high school, he is only 5-foot-11 and Michigan does not need a QB. He could possibly get a chance at quarterback in the future, but for now, he will be playing wide-out or DB, if he plays at all in his freshman year.


4. Marcus Hall, No. 13 OT, Ohio.

Hall is deciding between Michigan and Ohio State, and would not get early playing time with either team, and it does not seem like he is near a decision. Hall, again is a very talented blocker, and uses his 6-foot-5, 290 pound frame to his advantage.


5. Willie Ferell, No. 6 Inside LB, Florida.

With only one linebacker in Michigan's class so far, Ferell would be the finisher, on a linebacker empty class. Ferell is just an outstanding player, whether it comes to rushing the pass, stopping the run, or dropping back in coverage.

With signing day approaching, if Michigan can land one, or two of these top play-makers, they will have finished off an amazing recruiting class, and perhaps prepared Michigan even more, going in to the 2009 season.