WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

Gagan SamraContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

Here are some of my Royal Rumble Predictions, which have some unique scenarios to them.

Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy (ECW Championship)

With Swagger winning the title just a couple of weeks ago, it is hard to see him lose the belt so quickly. I see a good 10-12 minute match between the two with a clean win for Swagger.

Result: Swagger by pinfall

Melina vs Beth Phoenix (Women's Championship)

Beth's complete domination of Melina for the last couple of weeks would usually mean a win for Melina. I think that Rosa Mendez and/or Santino will play a part in helping Beth retain the title. I have a feeling that a Phoenix win will lead to a WM25 match with Gail Kim. These two are probably the best women wrestlers in the business today, and it would actually be a pleasure to watch an entertaining women's match between the two.

Result: Phoenix by pinfall

JBL vs Cena (World Heavyweight Championship)

With all the speculation surrounding a possible JBL-Shawn Micheals match at WM 25, it would be hard to put over that match without a title stipulation. That being said, it would be a very bad thing for the WWE to constantly flip-flop title reigns with its most prestigious title. I see a ref bump, coupled with a sweet chin music to JBL (accidentally or not).

Result: Cena by pinfall

Jeff Hardy vs Edge (WWE Championship)

There is a lot of hype surrounding this match, with the possible return of Edge's former tag-team partner Christain to the WWE. First, I believe this match will happen before the actual Rumble. That being said, Christain will likely cost Hardy the title. Christain will then enter the Rumble, but lose as a result of Hardy screwing him over. Now, another possible scenario would be to throw a complete curveball and have MATT HARDY be the one who has been attacking his brother Jeff. I like this scenario better, as it would be a complete shocker, but I have to go with my earlier prediction.

Result: Edge by pinfall

Royal Rumble match

The most intriguing match of the card, the Royal Rumble is usually completely unpredictable. With only 21 confirmed participants, there are likely going to be some Hall of Fame entrants (Piper?) and surprise entrants (Christain, Micheals?). It will be interesting to see which brand the winner comes from. The No. 30 entrant will likely be Randy Orton. I can see the entire match just stopping when Orton enters the ring, and seeing HHH (the No. 1 entrant) immediately go after him. That being said, I see a final four consisting of Legacy and HHH. HHH will eliminate Rhodes and DiBiase, but Orton will pick his spot and take out HHH for the win. I can then see Stephanie stripping him of this win the following night on RAW, leading to the return of Shane O' Mac.

Well there you have it, the complete predictions for RR 2009. I hope all of you get a chance to see this PPV.