If We Could See That Match Again...

Curran McHenryContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

In case you aren’t already aware of it, “The Wrestler” is an emotional story of the redemption of an aging wrestler. In an ironic pinnacle he is forced to wrestle the same foe as he had 20 years previously. In this mindset, today we will glance back and analyze several matches that make us say, “If we could see it just once more.”

First on my list of matches to attempt to resign would be the most violent classic in WWE history; Undertaker vs. Mankind in a hell in a cell match. On June 28, 1998 at WWE’s King of the Ring, Mick Foley a.k.a Mankind entered the steel cage to face Undertaker for 17 and a half minutes of utter human destruction.

The physical damage that Foley was able to take was enough to amaze fans, but the expertise and level to which that match was performed was incredible. If the WWE could sign this match one more time, I think fans would be floored. It would be interesting to see if the two combatants could take the punishment they could over a decade ago.

Also, after the years of being out of the ring could the now softened Foley withstand the still punishing force of the Undertaker? Not to say that I have any dislike at all for Foley, but with the time off, could he compete?

The next match I would have to pick would originally have been played out in the squared circle of the south, WCW. Back in 1997, at the annual end of the year pay-per-view, Starcade; Hulk Hogan had finally been forced into a match with the enigma Sting. In the months leading up to this match, there was a back and forth banter between Hogan and his nWo and the stinger.

This was the Magic vs. Michael of wrestling at the time, this was destiny. The match was well performed, although it was certainly typical Hogan with just a bit more nail-biting action. The fact that both of these men are still fairly active in wrestling gives me hope. To see the now more popular Hogan, without the help of an unruly gang, take on Sting would be interesting.

I think you might even find that Hogan would be more popular; however, without the back story of the Monday night war to build this match up, this match might end up being a second time around dud. Even so, I stand by my desire to see it just one more time.

The third and final match that could be interesting to reattempt would be the boot camp match between Sgt. Slaughter and the Iron Sheik. In June of 1984, a tiring feud between the all American Sgt. Slaughter and the Middle East’s Iron Sheik was coming to a head. It would end in a victory for Slaughter after he gave the Sheik a boot to the face.

The interesting thing here is that this match would be interesting now for the same reason it was then. With all the turmoil in the Middle East still continuing to this day, this match would seem almost inevitable. It would be the opinion of this author that with all his love for the U.S., Vince McMahon would write a grand plot line ending with the utter destruction of the Iron Sheik (the Middle East).

However, with the way the world is now, it is possible that the match could swing the other way; to raise morale possibly. I would definitely pay to see this match again.

Throughout the history of the WWE and wrestling in general, there have been some fantastic matches. Some so pivotal, that we wish they would resign those matches years later. These were the first three matches I thought of while thinking about this very topic. Of course, there are many others. If you could see them just once more, what would be yours?