60-40 Split Backed By Millions Of Filipino Nursing $$$ Around The World.

Garlic boyCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2009

The Ricky Hatton vs. Manny Pacquiao fight is simple.  Hatton's team concedes that Manny is the draw, but they also believe that Manny fans do not bring money to the table unlike Hatton's fans. 

Wrong.  Hatton's team brings out the Philippine PPV and yes it's peanuts, but do not acknowledge where the real money is coming from.  Educated Filipino immigrants working around the world in white collar jobs, primarily healthcare all contribute to PPV buys and at the live gate. 

The Brain Drain is a term coined during the 1960s and 1970s that referred to the immigration of Filipino white collar workers from the Philippines to foreign countries.  The Brain Drain has continued to this day. 

The United States alone has millions of Filipino-Americans working in white collar jobs, working as doctors, engineers and nurses.  Go to any hospital in the United States and you can find a handful of Filipino nurses working. 

Filipinos are the largest Asian American group in California reaching a population of one million in 1996.  Nationwide figures in 2000 were at 2.3 million.  In the state of New Jersey 1999 census figures showed Filipino Americans per capita income was $80,000.  Prior to Pacquiao many Filipino Americans living in California went to Vegas for fun, now they go to watch s Pacquiao fight.

Malinde://    http://www.ops.gov.ph/speeches2003/speech-2003sept26c.htm

There is an underlying sentiment that Manny's fans are third world farmers from the Philippines, which is in part true.   Well, the entire country of the Philippines supports Manny as well as the nearly three million Filipinos in America today all of whom contribute to PPV buys and live gate buys. 

There are also Filipino white collar workers living in Canada, Italy, England, the Middle East, Australia and other countries around the world.

Bob Arum, Freddie Roach and the fans need to be educated as to the reality of the buying power of just Manny's Filipino fans and the 60/40 split is more than reasonable.  Factor in that Manny is the global draw and 60-40 starts looking like a good deal for Hatton. 

Manny has fought 15 times in the United States in various cities, San Francisco, Memphis, San Antonio and of course Vegas.  He has fought Thai's, Indonesians, Japanese, Australians, Dominicans and Mexicans.  He has fought all over the world. 

2008 was a year in which Pacquiao received great publicity.  He was the only non-Olympic athlete to carry the flag for his country, which was seen by the entire world.  He was voted 2008 Fighter of The Year.  He was also 2008 ESPN International Athlete of The Year.  As a testament to his popularity his name was the most searched on Google.

He fought in three different weight classes, 130, 135 and 147 and won all fights.  Additionally, he has never given the fans a boring fight.  

Even Hatton's team admits that Manny is the bigger draw.  Being the bigger draw and showing how much financial clout his Filipino American fans and Global Filipino Americans fans have; it makes you wonder why Hatton doesn't just sign his name on the dotted line for the 60-40 split.