The UFL: Alternative Football Is Back (Again)

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IJanuary 21, 2009

It's time once again for an alternative professional football league, this time the UFL.

I always fall in love with these - I can't get enough football (fellow Mets Policeman Cyclones Fan won our Fantasy XFL league).

I still think the USFL would have made it if they had stayed in the spring and hung in there just a little bit longer until ESPN took off.  (It was 1987 before cable TV came to the outer boroughs of New York City).

I liked the XFL.  I understood what it was.   NBC made a fatal mistake that first night.  I forget the specifics but the "A" game was a blowout, and the "B" game was a tight shootout.  They stayed with boring football to keep the "cool" announcers on, and should have switched to the better game.  Then again NBC used to do that to me with the NFL so why am I surprised.

Now the UFL, and they are already making some bad choices.

1.  They are going to play in the fall.  Guys, we're pretty well covered with the fall.   You may have heard of the NFL and College Football.  That's enough without worrying about the Birmingham Burgers vs. the San Antonio Banderas.

2.  They already don't understand new media.  The commish seems like a nice guy.  He posted a video on the web to explain the league.  I'd like to share it with you.  That's not an option, they are seemingly unfamiliar with embed technology.   Foolish.

Anyway here's a fun game.  Name the Teams.  They are inviting fans to name the teams in the following markets:  Hartford, Orlando, Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Monterrey, New York, Los Angeles & San Francisco.   Let me guess - something gambling related for Vegas.   How about we call the Monterrey team the "soon to be Portlands."   I'd also suggest putting two teams in LA and just having them where red and blue (respectively) if you know what I mean.   The New York team?   Yeah you need a New York team but we don't even watch college football around here, good luck.

I wish the UFL well, but I don't see it.   Go to the spring fellas.

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